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Monday, October 8, 2012


It is a crime that I never heard about this book until a friend told me about it and then loaned it to me to read.

I had heard about the movie, but since Kirsten Stewart is not among my top favorite actresses I hadn't really delved in deeper.
I will be watching this tomorrow!
Also I think in this movie she would play the part spot on!

The book though - where to start? For starters both my children will be reading this in Jr. High. They will be reading this with me. We will be having many discussions on this book - about talking to me if they need me. About standing up for kids being bullied, about not letting anyone hurt them. The dangers of sneaking off to "cool" parties.
About depression, rape, violence, friendship and getting help.
I am sure that more topics will come to light - things that I might not have seen the first time reading through.

So Thank You Angel! This book is amazing!

To watch her life, her hurts, her heart, her pain and her art. To see how others view her, how she views herself and how one great art teacher see's her - truly and really see's her.
One person among hundreds holds the power to help, and help he does. Without hurting her more, without pushing.
The writer is amazing, the story starts simply, carefully winding its way to being an emotional masterpiece.
I highly recommend this book to young teens. To see, feel and walk an emotional road.
For ladies who have been hurt - this is a book that will bring tears and possibly the start of healing.

This book will be one for my bookshelf of favorites, on my kindle and in my heart for all times.
A book  that took 5 hours - with bathing kids and making dinner - to read. So no matter how well read, if you have dyslexia it won't matter - you can read this.
Take the time - it may even change your life. ;)

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