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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ancient East Health

This post may offend many. I have a way of doing that even when I am trying so hard to be supportive - my last post, that will be soon deleted, titled Sorrows of the Heart is a good case in point. I just wanted to express my sorrow for the family in a nice way and was told I was horrible. I would like to say that I would never intentionally hurt someone like that.

This post goes against many of my religious and cultural beliefs OR should I say it goes against many of like minded religious peoples beliefs, as its not actually against anything that is in my bible.
What am I talking about?
Ayurveda, Dosha's, Chackras, Tai Chi, Yoga, Tea & Meditation.
Both India and China have ancient health "secrets". They have remained secrets mostly due to everyone elses ignorance.
Both Yoga & Tai Chi have different levels, physical, mental, diets and beliefs. If you don't believe the same things then don't. It has nothing (really nothing) to do with whether or not their physical and food beliefs can help you.
I know, I know, in a world of modern medicine we have a hard time thinking that herbs, spices and an ancient regime may actually be better at preventing disease then vitamins and yet, thousands of years of proof that they do help.

Ayurveda - The Three Dosha's 
Click here to find your Dosha
This is from India, its about bringing the body into balance.
Right now I am a Kapha/Vata
I need to up my spices and workout routine to help burn off the weight and regain my energy.

My sister and a few friends LOVE Yoga. I have tired yoga and when I was thinner I did enjoy it. I am too heavy right now to be amused at how my belly roll slides to the side while I attempt even the most basic form.
So I have started Tai Chi, which is great for people with health issues, old age, obese or other physical limitations.
Another great site is Every Day Tai Chi.
The point is to get moving. Can't run up the hill? Can't jog? Can't bend? Find a style that you can do.
Right now this gets me off the couch. This is a great way to wake up, get moving and to get motivated to hop on the treadmill and really work up a sweat - especially since you can do the stretching and winding down exersises to help your muscles!

Which brings me to Chakra's

Now many people get caught up in the belief of this as in you have to believe or you have to not believe.
When you go to your doctor they will ask you a set of questions. Each answers leads to further questions to help them pinpoint an area in your body that needs help.
Chakra's are the same but for emotions and mental health.
Click here to Test Your Chakra.
This explains Chakra's a little more clearly, but what it boils down to is how your emotions and reactions can cause physical issues in your body. Guilt, hate, bitterness, worry, stress and fear can make you physically ill and cause severe health issues.
Recognizing the issues and working through them can help bring you and your body into better health.

Never be afraid to look into Holistic, Herbal, Homeopathy and Ancient Health Secrets that can help you far better and longer than a pill from the doctor.
Doctors and modern medicine are for AFTER you are sick. All of the above is PREVENTING illness and promoting well being.

Doctors deal with the now and I love my doctor and my children's doctor and if you have an illness you need to see one (and follow their advice) if you have researched holistic remedies talk to you doctor and bring the research with you so that they can incorporate it safely with the medication you are on.
It is important for them to work hand in hand.
As always research is key. Being informed and working for your well being is important.
Good luck and may you be successful in a healthier and better life.

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