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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Here are my Chakra test results that I took in my post yesterday. Read Here

  • YOUR Root Chakra
  • is CLOSED
  • YOUR Sacral Chakra
  • is WEAK
  • YOUR Personal Power Chakra
  • is STRONG
  • YOUR Heart Chakra
  • is STRONG
  • YOUR Throat Chakra
  • is STRONG
  • YOUR Intuitive Chakra
  • is WEAK
  • YOUR Crown Chakra
  • is STRONG

                                                                         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    For the most part I agree with the scores. I don't believe that my Sacral being weak is true - then again few people can separate how they feel about themselves and sex. My sex life is fine (as I went into detail in Shocking Topic - Sex) my self image is what I might call practical.

    I am practical in the fact that I look like a short fat garden gnome sans the dress.
    I am practical that I have not lost G'man's baby weight.
    I am practical that my spare tire is large enough for a semi truck.

    See my self esteem is NORMAL for one who looks like me, just because my husband is delusional enough to find me sexually attractive and I am smart enough not to correct that delusion... well that leads to a still great sex life.

    So now that you have taken the test, you have your results! What next you might ask?!
    Now you click on the following links below in the areas that you are blocked or weak.

    Root Chakra Help

    Sacral Chakra Help

    Personal Power Help

    Heart Chakra Help

    Throat Chakra Help

    Intuitive Chakra Help

    Crown Chakra Help 

    Once again for some beliefs and faiths, this goes hand in hand. For my personal faith, well its gets murky. Many of my family believe that this is similar to voodoo.
    I, obviously don't.
    This is an ancient art that could be described as a precursor for psychology.
    A way to bring the mind back into good health and well being, a way for you to do it yourself without having to go to a shrink.
    My last year seeing a shrink was "O so fabulous!" NOT!
    I would much rather work things out on my own. If I can, not by buying 5 thousand self help books, but from age old practical wisdom as in how to fix your chakra's.
    The steps are simple, easy and can be done everyday.

    They don't give any bad or dangerous advice, they don't even preach their own religion, rather it complements it.
    Doing this does not require a change of faith, diet or dress code.
    You don't change anything about you that you don't want to and just because its different doesn't mean that its bad.

    So for all my family out there that started praying for me yesterday - really I'm good.
    When my body is sick I pray for healing. When my heart hurts I run to God's throne or read my bible.
    I know where my strength comes from to get through all of the stuff.
    But really there are times I need to be able to take a test and pinpoint where I am having issues. Then not shrug them off or act like a martyr by telling myself, "I'm strong enough".
    I was strong.
    I knew my path.
    I had my whole life mapped out.
    Then I got married and had kids and guess what? I'm not.

    So if you need the extra help - don't be afraid to find it. Right now I am adding spice to my life. I need to get my metabolism moving again. I need to get me moving again.
    I also need to work on a few issues that have been keeping me, "on the couch" as it were.
    Last year I tried Modern Medicine. It got me on meds that woke me up. Then I had a cold dose of reality and struggled with wanting to stay awake.
    Now I am trying much older medicine, in the hopes that I will be able to find a few things to help me move forward.
    Hopefully if you need help you can find it to. Whether here, in the bible or in some other way.

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    High Heeled Life said...

    It's amazing how our Chakra balance or in-balance can affect our body, emotions, etc. I just finish first level Chakra Balance and will be doing a series of posts on Chakras soon. I'm also working on crystal healing too!!

    You are on your way my friend!!! xo

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