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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Camera! as well as some ramblings

This beautiful sleek 14 mp 3d camera is zooming towards me as I type! This is about the best camera I could find for the money that is not a professional. While I love photography and I really would love to give more time to its pursuit, I need a camera with quality that can take photos without a lot of prep. I am horrible with zooming, angling and working out sun angles professional cameras require - way to many dials for how fast my shots need to be!
This is rated as a good sports camera which should be perfect for capturing my hyper duo!

With the arrival of my new toy I will most certainly be back up to my full blogging potential again - I have missed having a working camera!

Tomorrow the kids will be spending the day with their grandparents and I get the whole day off! I am so thrilled I don't know what to do first!

Tonight I will be making dinner from my garden and the grandparents garden -Stuffed pumpkin & Spaghetti squash with sauce. Its sure to be amazing! I will attempt to use my old camera to photo but the kids really got it good the last time they spill juice on it.
Hence me getting my Christmas present early!

I have also been working again on book one and pleased to announce that I am once again in the "flow" of my work.
This summer I took off to work on me - now that I am awake, alert, slightly alive and getting healthy I am ready to dive back into the work!

Thank you my blogging friends for being so patient with me over the summer ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Eew and Awe

The battle of the sexes.
Its universal. Yin and Yang. Him and Her, She and Him. Men are from Mars... you get the drift.

When I was little I remember looking at boys and wondering why their mothers would let them act like that? Why that nice sweet woman would allow him to be or do such and such...

Now as a mother of both a girl and a boy, I know the answer. God made boys that way. Really and truly some of the most yucky, gross and disgusting things about boys (or so I always thought) is natural.
I have, however, come to have an appreciation for this - what I will now call the Eew and Awe factor.

I know, I know, first off you would like to know what the Eew and Awe factor is. Well to put it mildly it truly is the difference between the sexes.
How did I figure this out? Easy I have a boy and a girl.
If my girl hears someone say the word, "Awe" she comes running. She wants to hear, see, or be apart of it. When she hears the word or says the word Eew its with disgust and disdain.

My son on the other hand practically ignores the word Awe but will come running at the word Eew. Why? Because gross is fascinating to him and cute isn't.

Now back on to my revelation of why this is now something I can appreciate. Women get a ton of crappy jobs. We bathe, clean up and wash up after babies, pets and the like. Do we like it? NO.
However, despite the fact that I will clean up crap (literally), I will NOT gut and clean a fish or deer.
Dead bird in the grill of my car? Yup made the man clean it out.

Now I LIKE that men find EEW to be so cool. Its because I DON'T!
Now before the crazy feminist camp jumps all over me I will say, I will do what I have to when I have to, BUT only when I HAVE to. If my husband is around I will give him 100 bonus points (to spend weekly - they do NOT accrue) for him to take care of it.
He (thankfully) loves being the hero!

Growing up I was much more of a "Tomboy" I played with snakes, mucked around in mud and spun coins better than most boys in my class. I carefully hid and masked certain dislikes and NEVER ran from something a boy held. Mostly because I learned quickly that if you ran, they chased you, if you petted, rubbed or commented on whatever gross disgusting object they were holding they would leave you alone.
Thus I was better protected then most girls in my class by my ability to control my face and my feet.

My daughter - she didn't get the super self control gene. She runs, squeals and screams with the best of them.
My son - is a proper dirt loving, hill rolling, gross loving boy.
I love them both no matter the amount of times they cause me to say the words Eew and Awe!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life and everything in between

Ok here is my life in little mini clips.

Financially we are struggling. This, however, is SO not a new thing in our lives so its not really news its just that right now I want to shoot someone for how they do taxes! Hubby worked 18 hours of over time but forgot to claim tax exempt on his pay check and yup - we got only 150.00 dollars of that over time - the government got the rest!

My daughter is SO far behind the rest of her class that her brother in kindergarten not only has better handwriting but may be smarter by the end of the year. Needless to say we are getting her tested for dyslexia and working with her every night to try to get her caught up. Last year was a VERY bad school year with a horrible teacher and a bad school. Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE her new school?  I LOVE HER SCHOOL THIS YEAR!!!

Littleman LOVES kindergarten! He is doing great! He is also the boy with the attitude in class. Its funny their are several other little boys in his class that dress "tough" with leather jackets and spiked hair. My son, the cutie with the adorable dimpled smile, is the rebel.
His first day all the kids sat on the carpet and sang a hello welcome to class song - EVERY other kid in the room was singing, smiling or hugging their mama's, my kid however is looking at me with a stunned pained expression that clearly says, "Are you kidding me? Mama this woman is singing at me... MAKE HER STOP!"
Yup from that moment forward all the parents stopped watching the antics of their cute kids and started watching mine. He of course ate that up! At this moment though I am just happy he is not struggling and that while his teacher not only still sings at him but expects that he will actually learn and sing along, he still likes her. Thank God for small miracles!

Now this is partly my fault. With my daughter I played all the cute baby songs until my head almost exploded. With my son... well he grew up on Bon Jovi, Lenny Kravitz & Billy Joel. About the sweetest music he got was the Monkeys, the Beatles and Dean Martin. What can I say, my sanity was going after just one year of listening to songs about sunshine.

Thanksgiving is approaching and so far only the first floor of my home is clean - the basement is a disaster. This year like every year (we hope) in the future my sisters are coming in for thanksgiving, which means a ton of cleaning in my future!

I have also been losing weight. I am THRILLED about this. A few months ago I felt awake again. Alive again. Today I can only say that back then I was still in transition. I feel like I am ME again. So look out world! I am on FIRE!

Hubby is doing good - not sure what to do with me at the moment but he is a smart man. He smiles, hugs me and then moves to a safe distance! He remembers the old viberent, off the wall, scatic, insane schemer he married... he might have thought I mellowed with age but really it was just the depression. He is happy, though that the house is getting cleaner! ;)

As for patch (our dog) well he's more of a mama lover, follower, cuddler, and best friend then ever.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My girl is 8!

8 years ago I gave birth.
I woke up at 3 am to a very active hyper moving baby. She was moving so much that I couldn't sleep. I had work at 7 am that morning and was desperate to have some sleep before waddling off to my job.
At 4 am I quit trying to rub, breath and soothe the baby inside of me back to sleep and went to take a warm shower.
Showers always had worked to soothe her before. At this moment I still didn't know that I was having a girl.
For the past two weeks I was having issues with hypertension. I was put on a strict diet in an attempt to get control of my health issues before giving birth.
At 5 am I finally noticed that while I wasn't in any pain, I was having strange weird pushy feelings 3 mins apart. Finally I woke my husband and had him drive me to the hospital.
Now according to my clock I was due within 5 days. According to my doctors I wasn't due for another 3 weeks.
Going into the hospital I was taken into a triage room and hooked up to the monitors. I had 3 protein in my urine. My BP was 185/165 and I was having level 8 - 10 contractions. At this point the nurse was staring at me. I was stilling there placidly rubbing my belly trying to calm the baby down.
She (the nurse) kept looking from me to the monitor. Finally (with heat) she said, "You're having a level 9 contraction right now? Can't you feel that?"
I nodded, "I feel a slight pressure and pushing feeling." She made a noise of disgust while rolling her eyes. "You should be screaming in pain!"
I shrugged my shoulders, I could not fake pain I didn't feel. Instead I explained clearly that my family has a long history of being able to tank pain.

I was quickly admitted and my midwife called.
I was consoled to undergo a C-section which I refused. Instead we made a compromise I had two hours to push the baby out without raising my BP any higher. After that they would take me in for a C-section.

After one hour of labor I was close to being done. I had a nurse who was doing all the little things in the room ask me what I was having. When I answered that I didn't know she asked what we were hoping for. I answered a boy. She replied, "What will you do if its a girl?"
I looked at her like she was insane and stupid before I answered very slowly. "Name her and take her home..." I mean really? How dumb do you have to be? Nope sorry I don't want a girl - take her back.
Silly woman.

I wanted a boy, so that if I had a girl she would have an older brother. What my husband and I really wanted was a healthy happy baby. God granted that wish with our beautiful 6, 11 baby girl who was born after only 1 1/2 hours of labor.

After giving birth they found that my body during the labor had decided it didn't need blood or plasma. I was down to an 19 crit count. While that is low and they were concerned what bothered them the most was that I was losing plasma just as fast as the blood making it impossible for my body to stop bleeding.
I was given 3 bags of packed blood and plasma.

My baby... she was perfection. Beautiful, perfect and tiny. Now today she is 8 years old. I look at her amazing features, slim frame and intense personality and am amazed at the person she is becoming.

Look out world my little girl is growing up!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So behind...

I have so much to catch up on.

Weight loss
Girls night outs
Hair cuts
Autism walks (this Saturday!)
And how all of a sudden I am not only awake but cleaning my house.

First up - R.I.P Steve Jobs

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do....

~ (Steve Jobs) Apple Inc.
1955-2011 R.I.P.
You will be missed.

Also this Sunday my little girl turns 8!
This is so amazing, I remember every detail of her birth.
I remember who was their, what stupid things were said. How close I came to dying... Ah the good times.
I will be posting a special post Sunday to remember my girl over the years.

I have not stopped blogging. I love blogging.
However, I have woken up.
I am cleaning away and reorganizing 6 years of neglect and Irma (My Friend Irma) like behavior.
I have not been on due to the amount of work I have been doing - as well as working out.

Also my camera is dying... and I am heartbroken. So I haven't been able to take a lot of photos to share.
I miss you all. I miss running by and reading all of your posts. I promise to catch up soon.
I promise I will be back.

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