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Friday, October 21, 2011

Eew and Awe

The battle of the sexes.
Its universal. Yin and Yang. Him and Her, She and Him. Men are from Mars... you get the drift.

When I was little I remember looking at boys and wondering why their mothers would let them act like that? Why that nice sweet woman would allow him to be or do such and such...

Now as a mother of both a girl and a boy, I know the answer. God made boys that way. Really and truly some of the most yucky, gross and disgusting things about boys (or so I always thought) is natural.
I have, however, come to have an appreciation for this - what I will now call the Eew and Awe factor.

I know, I know, first off you would like to know what the Eew and Awe factor is. Well to put it mildly it truly is the difference between the sexes.
How did I figure this out? Easy I have a boy and a girl.
If my girl hears someone say the word, "Awe" she comes running. She wants to hear, see, or be apart of it. When she hears the word or says the word Eew its with disgust and disdain.

My son on the other hand practically ignores the word Awe but will come running at the word Eew. Why? Because gross is fascinating to him and cute isn't.

Now back on to my revelation of why this is now something I can appreciate. Women get a ton of crappy jobs. We bathe, clean up and wash up after babies, pets and the like. Do we like it? NO.
However, despite the fact that I will clean up crap (literally), I will NOT gut and clean a fish or deer.
Dead bird in the grill of my car? Yup made the man clean it out.

Now I LIKE that men find EEW to be so cool. Its because I DON'T!
Now before the crazy feminist camp jumps all over me I will say, I will do what I have to when I have to, BUT only when I HAVE to. If my husband is around I will give him 100 bonus points (to spend weekly - they do NOT accrue) for him to take care of it.
He (thankfully) loves being the hero!

Growing up I was much more of a "Tomboy" I played with snakes, mucked around in mud and spun coins better than most boys in my class. I carefully hid and masked certain dislikes and NEVER ran from something a boy held. Mostly because I learned quickly that if you ran, they chased you, if you petted, rubbed or commented on whatever gross disgusting object they were holding they would leave you alone.
Thus I was better protected then most girls in my class by my ability to control my face and my feet.

My daughter - she didn't get the super self control gene. She runs, squeals and screams with the best of them.
My son - is a proper dirt loving, hill rolling, gross loving boy.
I love them both no matter the amount of times they cause me to say the words Eew and Awe!


High Heeled Life said...

Wonderfully worded... and its funny as we grow up it certainly does not change... The Mr. will always call me to see something gross ...and I will always want to share something cute.

I'm certain having a boys boy and girlie girl results in some entertaining moments for the "grown ups" .. happy Tuesday my friend..xo HHL

Dawn Marie said...

I love your little Eww and Awe!

Teena Churchill said...

Very well said!! I have 3 girly girls lol. I do not think I would not what to do if I had a boy in all this girly drama lol. You should write another book and call it The Eew's and Awe's because your post was highly interesting, I know I would read your book for sure!!

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