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Sunday, October 9, 2011

My girl is 8!

8 years ago I gave birth.
I woke up at 3 am to a very active hyper moving baby. She was moving so much that I couldn't sleep. I had work at 7 am that morning and was desperate to have some sleep before waddling off to my job.
At 4 am I quit trying to rub, breath and soothe the baby inside of me back to sleep and went to take a warm shower.
Showers always had worked to soothe her before. At this moment I still didn't know that I was having a girl.
For the past two weeks I was having issues with hypertension. I was put on a strict diet in an attempt to get control of my health issues before giving birth.
At 5 am I finally noticed that while I wasn't in any pain, I was having strange weird pushy feelings 3 mins apart. Finally I woke my husband and had him drive me to the hospital.
Now according to my clock I was due within 5 days. According to my doctors I wasn't due for another 3 weeks.
Going into the hospital I was taken into a triage room and hooked up to the monitors. I had 3 protein in my urine. My BP was 185/165 and I was having level 8 - 10 contractions. At this point the nurse was staring at me. I was stilling there placidly rubbing my belly trying to calm the baby down.
She (the nurse) kept looking from me to the monitor. Finally (with heat) she said, "You're having a level 9 contraction right now? Can't you feel that?"
I nodded, "I feel a slight pressure and pushing feeling." She made a noise of disgust while rolling her eyes. "You should be screaming in pain!"
I shrugged my shoulders, I could not fake pain I didn't feel. Instead I explained clearly that my family has a long history of being able to tank pain.

I was quickly admitted and my midwife called.
I was consoled to undergo a C-section which I refused. Instead we made a compromise I had two hours to push the baby out without raising my BP any higher. After that they would take me in for a C-section.

After one hour of labor I was close to being done. I had a nurse who was doing all the little things in the room ask me what I was having. When I answered that I didn't know she asked what we were hoping for. I answered a boy. She replied, "What will you do if its a girl?"
I looked at her like she was insane and stupid before I answered very slowly. "Name her and take her home..." I mean really? How dumb do you have to be? Nope sorry I don't want a girl - take her back.
Silly woman.

I wanted a boy, so that if I had a girl she would have an older brother. What my husband and I really wanted was a healthy happy baby. God granted that wish with our beautiful 6, 11 baby girl who was born after only 1 1/2 hours of labor.

After giving birth they found that my body during the labor had decided it didn't need blood or plasma. I was down to an 19 crit count. While that is low and they were concerned what bothered them the most was that I was losing plasma just as fast as the blood making it impossible for my body to stop bleeding.
I was given 3 bags of packed blood and plasma.

My baby... she was perfection. Beautiful, perfect and tiny. Now today she is 8 years old. I look at her amazing features, slim frame and intense personality and am amazed at the person she is becoming.

Look out world my little girl is growing up!


Teena Churchill said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweetie!!

High Heeled Life said...

Happy belated Birthday to your precious baby girl [only 2 more years to double digit birthday1!] ... I have been away ... catching up!! xo HHL

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