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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Camera! as well as some ramblings

This beautiful sleek 14 mp 3d camera is zooming towards me as I type! This is about the best camera I could find for the money that is not a professional. While I love photography and I really would love to give more time to its pursuit, I need a camera with quality that can take photos without a lot of prep. I am horrible with zooming, angling and working out sun angles professional cameras require - way to many dials for how fast my shots need to be!
This is rated as a good sports camera which should be perfect for capturing my hyper duo!

With the arrival of my new toy I will most certainly be back up to my full blogging potential again - I have missed having a working camera!

Tomorrow the kids will be spending the day with their grandparents and I get the whole day off! I am so thrilled I don't know what to do first!

Tonight I will be making dinner from my garden and the grandparents garden -Stuffed pumpkin & Spaghetti squash with sauce. Its sure to be amazing! I will attempt to use my old camera to photo but the kids really got it good the last time they spill juice on it.
Hence me getting my Christmas present early!

I have also been working again on book one and pleased to announce that I am once again in the "flow" of my work.
This summer I took off to work on me - now that I am awake, alert, slightly alive and getting healthy I am ready to dive back into the work!

Thank you my blogging friends for being so patient with me over the summer ;)


High Heeled Life said...

YAY!! a new camera... can't wait to see your photos with it and to read your thoughts about the camera and it's 3D function.(I have been in search of a camera, for some time - it's all so confusing)..

Great to read that you are back in the writing grove!!!

Hmm... no parenting required day ~ enjoy a nice bubble bath and relax with a great book!!! Happy Sunday,.xo HHL

Teena Churchill said...

Love the new camera!!

Evelyn said...

It's such a cool camera...I love it that you got it for an early Christmas present; awesome!

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