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Friday, May 25, 2012

Patch turns 2!

First off I am sorry I don't have a recent photo - our clippers died - in the middle of my shaving my dog... lets just say he looks really really funny!

What can I say about my dog?
His name is Patch
He is a pure breed Shih Tzu
This is a good thing as my daughter is allergic to dogs and cats (this breed is a real hair so they are more allergy friendly then most)

How we acquired Patch is the real story. We were in the middle of buying our home - in fact we had put down our bid, and were in the middle of closing.
At the time we had moved out of our mobile home (we had a strange arrangement that if we didn't redo the loan after 3 years we could forfeit the mobile back to the park with no penalties)
and were living in my BFF's basement until the closing was final.
My hubbies best friend, Shayne was engaged (now married) to Sarah, her cousin's dog had had a batch of adorable puppies.
I may be biased but I am fairly sure mine was the cutest of them all - however he was bought (down payment paid) TWICE and both times the people said they could not follow through and pay the rest.
Thus they got to talking sent us a few photos of the cutie - after a few days of deciding we went ahead and made arrangements to buy him once our home closed.

We have been thankful ever since then that this little guy came into our lives! He is the PERFECT fit and my 3rd albeit furry baby!
Today he has been as spoiled as any well loved, pampered house dog can become - in other words its been a perfect day in dog terms.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Truly Super Mom

We have been best friends for 13 years.
In so many ways I have found her to be one of the most incredible, dedicated, hard working women I have ever known.

She could have won this award several times over, but today a day when she is tired, broken and scared.
Is the best of who she is.

This is her daughter beauty.
She is Autistic.
She is brilliant, sweet, repetitive, loves her Ipad, flowers and is amazing at spelling and reading.

In a few short weeks she will graduate Kindergarten.
Due to a few minor issues (not being potty trained, picky eating, issues with noise, lights - easily distracted ect.)
They (the school board) decided to place her next year in an S.E.L school.
In theory and on paper this seemed like it might be a good fit.
I had at least talked my BFF into giving it a fair, open minded evaluation.

That evaluation happened today under the terms of an "observation" day. Where Tired Mom and Beauty had a 1/2 hour appointment to tour her class, meet next years teachers, observe and ask questions.
Before I begin to describe what she told me over the phone I want to give her props for not screaming and running from the room - which I might have done.

The room was small. The teacher tall, thin and not very friendly or welcoming.
The sensory corner was a bean bag and a balloon.
The aide was stern and bossy - terms like, "I told you to sit." "Where did I tell you to be?" (mind you this is a 1st grade Autistic class of kids....)
They don't have or use a PEC's system.
They don't have a daily schedule or routine.
They use Conditioning Behavior. (treats for following instructions - discipline for not)
DISCIPLINE - they had a 3x3 gray BOX, that kids are placed inside of.
Not for when they are having sensory overload and put themselves in there - as a discipline.
Mind you this is a non-violent, verbal, mild/med autistic class.
This may have been ok in a different class room - but FAR overboard in this one!
Her response to this classroom? No way. Not my daughter. I will find her a private school, tutor, homeschool her, ANYTHING before I let her in that room!
So while my BFF is emotionally drained, tired and slightly defeated about this set back. I told her, to be proud and wear her Super Cape for the day.
So many parents don't take the time to inspect or question. To find the right fit for their child.
Beauty has made so much progress - come so far.
She is now spontaneous. Loving. Empathetic. The most amazing thing that she does now is free, imaginative play.
Putting her in a class with Behavior Conditioning - could and most likely would erase 2 years of floor time therapy to teach her to think, imagine and to do things for herself.
This class maybe wonderful for another child, not her.

Thus I nominate my BFF, Tired Mom to be the first recipient in the Super Mom Award.
Rules are very simple. Accept. Post the Award in the acceptance blog (and anywhere else you choose), tell your story about the event that prompted the nomination.
If you find another Super Mom - share the award - one at a time linking back to me so I can add them and their stories to my new Super Mom page.

As for my readers, followers and friends - I will be watching! The Super Mom Award will be passed on!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Growing Up

I bought this dress one month ago. My daughter wore it once and came home, took it off and then pulled me into the bed room.
"Mama, this made me hurt.... here." All women can guess where she meant.
I promised to fix it.

One day (yesterday, it took me a while to find a whole afternoon that I could sew)

Technical babble - a few months ago I organized my bed sheets, by placing the fitted, top and extra pillow case inside of one pillow case. That way the whole set is there on hand, easy to grab. No more digging.
Also no more extra sheets - I found I had 3 extra top sheets.
Instead of throwing them away, I saved two for a quilt that I will be working on come fall/winter time.
The third I saved for random bit of this and that.

This was one of those random bits!

The main problem with my girl developing is that certain parts are tender - thankfully not growing - but still preparing for womanhood to bloom. (Crap - way to flippin soon!)
The dress was crinkly in the front and the folds rubbed her the wrong way.
I added one soft layer of cloth - stitched it on.
Praying that when I pick her up in an hour she will still be happy with her new summer dress!

On another note - CRAP, my girl is growing up! I can't believe that I grew up that fast either! Its sad but true, I just wish she could stay my little girl for a while longer!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Allergy Woes

I have a stream of allergies - all different types. Hay-fever, skin irritants, internal irritants and food allergies.

I am allergic to Gold, Silver, Dyes (red 40 the worst), Preservatives (some not all) trees, grasses, weeds, mold - but when it comes to food... well that's where it gets tricky.
You see even my allergies, have allergies.

Here is an exert on OAS  (Oral Allergy Syndrome)

Allergies to a certain pollen are associated with OAS reactions to certain foods. For instance, an allergy to ragweed is associated with OAS reactions to banana, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, zucchini, and cucumber.
This does not mean that all sufferers of an allergy to ragweed will experience adverse effects from all or even any of these foods.
Reactions may begin with one type of food and with reactions to others developing later.
However, reaction to one or more foods in any given category does not necessarily mean a person is allergic to all foods in that group.
Alder pollen: almonds, apples, celery, cherries, hazel nuts, peaches, pears, parsley, strawberry, raspberry Birch pollen: almonds, apples, apricots, avocados, bananas,[11] carrots, celery, cherries, chicory,[12] coriander, fennel, fig,[13] hazel nuts, kiwifruit, nectarines, parsley, parsnips, peaches, pears, peppers, plums, potatoes, prunes, soy, strawberries, wheat; Potential: walnuts Grass pollen: fig,[13] melons, tomatoes, oranges
Mugwort pollen : carrots, celery, coriander, fennel, parsley, peppers, sunflower
Ragweed pollen : banana, cantaloupe, cucumber, green pepper, paprika, sunflower seeds/oil, honeydew, watermelon, zucchini, echinacea, artichoke, dandelions, honey (if bees pollinate from wild flowers), hibiscus or chamomile tea
Possible cross-reactions (to any of the above): berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc), citrus (oranges, lemons, etc), grapes, mango, figs, peanut, pineapple, pomegranates, watermelon

I am allergic to Ragweed - hence I am VERY allergic to cucumber, honeydew and watermelon - I am EXTRAORDINARILY allergic to dandelions.
Funny thing is - if you cook, freeze or prepare them (even pickling) will change the structure enough that I can eat them. I can't have raw cucumbers but pickles are fine.

This last week I went out side and weeded - normal every day occurrence - only I didn't wear the correct garden gloves - I wore ones that allowed the more poky weeds - to well poke me.
Also it was windy.
By nightfall Sunday my eyes were swollen shut.
4 benedryl later and I could finally see. However, it took another 4 days on benedryl to be me again.

My daughter has better and worse parts of my allergies - she is not allergic to tree's (thank the Lord!) nor is she allergic to mold (which is very hard to live with). She is, however allergic to cats, dogs and Severely (life threatening severity) allergic to Lilacs.

Update: 10/5/12 - a few months ago we figured out that my daughter my have a light allergy to Lilacs, what she is severely allergic to is LIDOCAINE.
This is a topical analgesic - it is also a very common local anesthetic - used most frequently by dentists. It is also placed in shelf products like ALOE VERA GEL!!!
Hence the very bad reaction that caused me to believe it was from lilacs.

My boy so far is only allergic to dyes. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the amount of dye America thinks it needs in food?
Did you know that the average human in America consumes 4 pds of dye a year?
Did you also know that the body does not process dye as food?
In fact to shed all the dye from the bodies system you need to detox, fast and cleanse?

I am sorry that I have not been posting as much as normal, between allergies, projects and getting my book ready to self publish in E-book form, my life and time have been full!
Will be posting more soon.

Monday, May 14, 2012

10th Anniversary

Now for the rest of the story...
Sorry I have been so busy lately that while my photos and items to post have been compiling I have not had a chance to post them!
The rest of our ten days for our tenth anniversary were wonderful - we did a few game and snack nights, days with friends and of course for the tenth anniversary itself we went out to dinner!

The Cheesecake Factory!
A great place for an afternoon out with the one you love. ;)

Hubbies dinner from Cheese Cake Factory

Stuffed mushrooms
Soup and Turkey sandwich
Mocha Cheese cake

My meal
Bead dipped in the wine sauce of hubbies mushrooms (YUM!)
Spicy wonton appetizer
Turkey avocado sandwich
side salad
Pineapple cheesecake (my fav!)

The company and child free time with my hubby was amazing!
It was great to relax and enjoy the moment.
Thank you again Robert & Margie Walker for watching the kids and always being there for us!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Today has been a very long day with LOTS and LOTS of love.

I woke up to two kids and a dog jumping on top of me yelling (and licking) Happy Mothers Day!

From that moment on if I went to get something, do something or ask for something - my dastardly duo raced each other to "Help" me.

It was cute for the first hour - after that the screaming, hitting, crying and the "its my turn to help mama..." got a little old.

Hubby thankfully came home early to be with me.
My BFF came by to donate her son's old clothing for my son - due to both of our son's out growing everything in sight!

My dastardly duo!

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