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Monday, May 21, 2012

Growing Up

I bought this dress one month ago. My daughter wore it once and came home, took it off and then pulled me into the bed room.
"Mama, this made me hurt.... here." All women can guess where she meant.
I promised to fix it.

One day (yesterday, it took me a while to find a whole afternoon that I could sew)

Technical babble - a few months ago I organized my bed sheets, by placing the fitted, top and extra pillow case inside of one pillow case. That way the whole set is there on hand, easy to grab. No more digging.
Also no more extra sheets - I found I had 3 extra top sheets.
Instead of throwing them away, I saved two for a quilt that I will be working on come fall/winter time.
The third I saved for random bit of this and that.

This was one of those random bits!

The main problem with my girl developing is that certain parts are tender - thankfully not growing - but still preparing for womanhood to bloom. (Crap - way to flippin soon!)
The dress was crinkly in the front and the folds rubbed her the wrong way.
I added one soft layer of cloth - stitched it on.
Praying that when I pick her up in an hour she will still be happy with her new summer dress!

On another note - CRAP, my girl is growing up! I can't believe that I grew up that fast either! Its sad but true, I just wish she could stay my little girl for a while longer!


Just Kerry said...

Oh Man... I feel for you :)

Lizbeth said...

My daughter is six and I can not bear the thought of her getting older....oh dear, I'm so not ready for this....

Telisha Garris said...

Yup, my girl is 8 going on 9 - going on 16!
Boys, nails, hair and dresses are her world already!
I wish mama were still with me so I could apologize again for everything I put her through!

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