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Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank you Soldiers

Thank you soldiers alive or gone for protecting me and my family at your own risk - you are valued, you are appreciated and I will never forget you.

Thank you to all my family that have served and are serving to protect and defend my rights and freedoms.

There is just not enough thanks in the world for the sacrifices you have made in your own lives, to ensure my children a safe future.

Thank You.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is a banana an Herb?

Alright I read today that a banana was an herb, wanting more clarification of how it was put in that category I did a quick search.

It seems that by all accounts its the fruit of an Herb (still considered fruit LOL). By US Tariff standards its a fruit.
The confusion comes in the fact that, although, banana tree's are called trees and can grow to an amazing height of forty feet tall it is not made of wood. Hence the defining it of an Herb, not to mention the leaves are used in cooking and for flavoring. Herb, Herb, Herb...with seedless fruit.

So my conclusion is calling them fruit still fits, fruit of an Herb is still FRUIT - Love it! And yes I really, really don't have anything better to do with my time then to research such weird things... of course your reading it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The little things in life

My little man having a silly moment with his happy meal box.

They are the light and joy of my life!

My daughters wishing fairy necklace,
she loves this pink tiny thing!

My new dragon
I bought one for Little man - he wanted a necklace
I I brought this one home for me.
Would picture Littlemans but he refuses to take it off.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Geeky Shows

So we finally found Firefly the whole series (ok only one season but that's all it lasted one season and one movie) at Sams Club for 18.88! Now we need to buy Serenity the movie accompaniment.
This is a family favorite, one of the best series ever made. However some how it fell through the cracks and got dumped! Sad, very very sad.

Next up I have some of my dorky gamers movies.
They have nominal acting,
not so great filming crews but honestly it adds to the believability of the shows.

This movie is called The Gamers Dorkness Rising - Love it!
Hilarious, Silly and a great late night laugh your bum off it's so bad in a fun way.
For anyone who has ever gamed they would love this movie.
(Especially if you ever played a or with a Bard)
All time best movie quote "Hide behind the pile of dead Bards!"

The next show is called The Guild there are two seasons - (two episodes: Season one, Season two)
Seriously funny!

This is a show of gamer misfits.
A group of Guild mates that play all day long.
It shows all the different people that play and how they play.

The show is about this girl and her video blog.
One of her guild mates thinks she is in love with him and shows up at her doorstep.
She starts to help him grow up while at the same time flirting with the guy next door.
It shows the ins and outs as well as the ups and downs 
of being Guildies in a face to face world.
This show does have one con - bad language.

5/31/10 add note: just watched the new guild 3 - WOW!
I can not wait for the next episode.
Really bad language, hilarious show.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kitchen changes


This is what my kitchen looked like
if you read my blog you would know that just a few months ago I redid the chairs.
Now it was time to find a way for all four of us to sit at the table.

Another view of my table with the frog tank on top of it.

After we moved the frog tank to the wall.

Looks a lot better don't you think?

I do and I am glad that it's finally done.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our dryer...


This is my dryer.
A dryer that stopped working properly within the first three weeks of us buying it 
(and moving into our mobile home three years ago.)


After so long we were dying our cloths three times in the dryer to get them dry.
This is not cost effective.
Our plan: buy new dryer.
We (he) first decided to try cleaning out the vents.
The people who had lived in this house before us were filthy.


So after he checked the vents in the home and found them filled with junk,
he went under the house to see how the rest of the vent looked.
They had not even hooked up the vent to the outer tubing.
Instead there was about 6 feet of coil under the house not going anywhere!
Yeah should have looked at this three years ago.
Hindsight...and all that.

Oh well our dryer now dries in one load. 
We don't have to spend the money for a new dryer! 
Do I feel like a complete duh moment?

Completely fixed for the cost of new tubing.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Melt down over gardening tools


My hand, my gardening tool and my son
fighting over him wanting to garden...
with my tools


Little man smiling at me with tears still fresh on his cheeks
because I gave him his little blue gardening tool


Little man digging in the garden everything is good now!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting things done


Littleman no he is not flashing gang signs this is his being spiderman pose.


Miracles do happen!
These are my two sets of leap frog ABC sets and two years later we still have all the letters!
Alright confession I had to pull five of them out from under the stove.
Two from my daughters bathroom and one from under my kitchen table.
They are all there now though and that makes me very happy.


My adorable albeit dastardly duo!
Prissy is showing off her hair do - she styled it.
While Little man tells mama just how much he loves spiderman.
Did I mention he thinks he's spiderman?
A few weeks ago he pointed to a tiny spider bite on his arm and then signed to us that
now he was going to turn into spiderman!
Love it!


Hubby put up my new jewelry box sorry only one photo cut to size yet
We had lots of projects to do today and some will carry over into tomorrow and Sunday
they are just so large that we will need more than one day to accomplish them all.


The inside of my new box.

We are redoing our dining area (sounds much fancier than it is)
and also trying to figure out what is causing my dryer to not work
possibly even replacing it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My beautiful Prissy


She is my beautiful little girl - even when she gets bored of posing for me.
We are going to play with photo shop and see what back grounds we can put her in.
Today she just felt like dressing up and not wanting to miss a good photo op... well here it is.

Little man refused any inducement to hold still and have a picture taken so I will just have to wait for a day he likes the camera.
Some days he does others he doesn't.

Yesterday's mystery picture was this handy storage crate.
I have two for each child and two for me.
Love them!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mystery Picture


Here is the first close up


And now the second.

This is an item that I have six of in my home. In three different colors.
Absolutely no prize to the winner save bragging rights.

Yes this is a fluff blog, no I don't plan on doing a lot of these.
It just fit my mood for today.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When it rains we drink tea!


The rain
Its been raining ALL day!
I love the sound of rain hitting the metal roof of my two porches.

Lets talk tea!
Here in this picture we have my personal favorite Market Spice Tea

Market Spice takes center stage
On the sides we have IKEA's Blueberry and Raspberry and Vanilla
Blueberry here is the winner
the Raspberry and Vanilla came off a little weak.
Blueberry is very worth drinking.

Market Spice Tea is natural with no preservatives.
It must be stored properly if you get the 1lb loose leaf which I recommend then it needs to 
be stored in the freezer or fridge in a glass container to be kept fresh.


Mint always the old standby

Also a very good comfort tea

This is a "flowering tea" they have sewn petal together so that when it gets wet and warm it opens up into a full bloom.
Oh did I say dud? Yep, first off do not and I repeat do not pour the hot water on top of this delicate little thing.
It makes the flower very ugly.
Second add in a tea that you want to taste along with this water pretty
because you can't taste this -seriously weak tea!


On to Coconut Mango Oolong tea

This leads me to Coconut Cocoa Tea.
A new favorite of mine.
Yes I have lots more teas I could add to this blog but they are more in the average normal everyday range.
I recommend to any tea lovers the Market Spice and the Coconut Cocoa tea.
The runner up spice would be Blueberry from IKEA.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A day in the life of me


Today I have decided to blog a day in the life of me. 
The rich and famous are used to magazines wanting to follow them around for a day.
One day in the life of so and so.
Really? Who cares what a multimillionaire does with all his time? 
Seriously as I cook, clean and write that is not the first thing on my mind.
So before I sell my books, before I get mildly well known (I can dream right?)
I would like to share a day in my life - my ordinary everyday lower class life.

Today we did the following items while listening to the classic and beautiful vocal stylings of Zooey Dechanel, in the group She & Him vol 1 (vol 2 is for sale but we don't have it yet - never fear we will).
Pissy did homework
Little man said all of his ABC's as well as signed them all!

Then hubby took the kids into the kitchen for a crafting project.

While I took on my less glamorous job

Never fear I have a dishwasher close at hand!

Soon all was well.
Sorry I have an ugly sink -it's clean just really really cheap.

After I announced dinner hubby joined in the beading party to make me a pretty.
Yes Little man is in a diaper - sorry he's potty training and half the time he forgets to put back on his pants.

Eggs, salt, pepper, cheese and onion

Add that to a tortilla, a little more cheese and some sausage...

What you get is a little piece of heaven!

Prissy finishes up the necklace she made for her best friend.
Did I ever mention that my daughter gets more pleasure in giving things away then getting them?
She shares everything!
Love it!
She is wearing a dress her grandmother made for her birthday last year.

My new pretty that my hubby made me!
8 years later and I still want to keep him!

Now I am eating my good food while my children play next door. They of course had to run next door to give the new necklace to the best friend.
I will now continue working on the end of book three happy in the fact that something got done today.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thumb Toe


Prissy is adorable!
She just told her papa that she hurt her big thumb toe!
Love it!

How I garden


New wind chimes!
Yeah I should just never be allowed to shop sales with Margie!
Although I will say I love it!


My onions before transplanting 

My sweet peas before transplanting
Didn't they just grow amazing!

The table workstation as I transplanted my plants to larger containers.

Little man "helping" Mama transplant just chillin in his upside down carseat
while eating his chips.

Onions after transplant
Cross your fingers with me and pray they make it!

Sugar Snap Peas container one

Sugar Snap Peas container two.

So everything I plant must remain in tubs - veggie wise or its not allowed.
Unless I wanted to plant behind my house which of course is almost year round full shade.
Have I ever mentioned that I hate my mobile home park?
OR that for the 4th time in four years they raised the monthly rates on us.
I can not wait to publish my book and buy a house!
My only sorrow is I have to finish editing, finding a agent and then of course publishing the book before that happens.
Sob sob... to bad I don't have a huge fan base that wants to buy me a house.
I guess I am just not that funny.

Will blog later I have to finish my chores now. 
Folding cloths
Cleaning kids after chasing and dragging them inside the house

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