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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My beautiful Prissy


She is my beautiful little girl - even when she gets bored of posing for me.
We are going to play with photo shop and see what back grounds we can put her in.
Today she just felt like dressing up and not wanting to miss a good photo op... well here it is.

Little man refused any inducement to hold still and have a picture taken so I will just have to wait for a day he likes the camera.
Some days he does others he doesn't.

Yesterday's mystery picture was this handy storage crate.
I have two for each child and two for me.
Love them!


Art by Dawn Marie said...

Prissy is adorable!!! I'm so glad she likes the dress, she looks great in it.

Tired Mom said...

Cute as a button! And yup, I was right about the crate =)

Kim said...

What a beautiful little girl! Thanks for reading my blog. I'm really behind in blogging and commenting. School is crazy this time of year trying to finalize stuff. I'll be around to visit more this summer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) Your daughter is, indeed, beautiful!

Mystery photo posts are always fun.

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