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Monday, May 17, 2010

A day in the life of me


Today I have decided to blog a day in the life of me. 
The rich and famous are used to magazines wanting to follow them around for a day.
One day in the life of so and so.
Really? Who cares what a multimillionaire does with all his time? 
Seriously as I cook, clean and write that is not the first thing on my mind.
So before I sell my books, before I get mildly well known (I can dream right?)
I would like to share a day in my life - my ordinary everyday lower class life.

Today we did the following items while listening to the classic and beautiful vocal stylings of Zooey Dechanel, in the group She & Him vol 1 (vol 2 is for sale but we don't have it yet - never fear we will).
Pissy did homework
Little man said all of his ABC's as well as signed them all!

Then hubby took the kids into the kitchen for a crafting project.

While I took on my less glamorous job

Never fear I have a dishwasher close at hand!

Soon all was well.
Sorry I have an ugly sink -it's clean just really really cheap.

After I announced dinner hubby joined in the beading party to make me a pretty.
Yes Little man is in a diaper - sorry he's potty training and half the time he forgets to put back on his pants.

Eggs, salt, pepper, cheese and onion

Add that to a tortilla, a little more cheese and some sausage...

What you get is a little piece of heaven!

Prissy finishes up the necklace she made for her best friend.
Did I ever mention that my daughter gets more pleasure in giving things away then getting them?
She shares everything!
Love it!
She is wearing a dress her grandmother made for her birthday last year.

My new pretty that my hubby made me!
8 years later and I still want to keep him!

Now I am eating my good food while my children play next door. They of course had to run next door to give the new necklace to the best friend.
I will now continue working on the end of book three happy in the fact that something got done today.


Blessed Rain said...

Margie Pazmino Walker
Love the blog babe! You got a bunch done and I love seeing the kids doing their crafty stuff =)
moved from facebook!

Art by Dawn Marie said...

Love your pretty!

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