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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trains: There and back again!


Prissy waiting for the train in the middle of the night.

Little man loving his first real train ride.

Prissy sacks out early so tired from a long day of waiting.

So the train came right on time and we were able to get great seats all together.
We loved the train!
Pros no stress - I mean no stress, just quiet beautiful travel.
They do not double book, lose your luggage or want you to promise your kidneys to ride the train.
They do not violate you, your luggage or screw with you.
Cons - the smokers!!!
and of course the talkers! 
Those that see your trying to get your kids to sleep in the middle of the night 
and want to talk to them anyway!

Next time we travel in any direction for longer than nine hours we will pay the extra money for a family sleeper car.
This way we will have more privacy and more room for the kids to bounce around.
Food on the train was expensive and not a lot for what you get.
Good news was we didn't need much food on the way there since we had snacks for breakfast and only ate lunch on the train.
On the way home we were better prepared and packed drinks, snacks, lunch and dinner.
I walked on with a large hamper of food and walked off with it mostly empty.
The best thing is they don't care if you do this!!!
Again can not tell you how much I love the train!!!
Amtrak is amazing!

We took the California Zepher from SLC to Sacramento and will travel this way again!


Blessed Rain said...

Tara Wilson
Glad you liked the train!! My brother works for Amtrak. Before he did though, my kids and I traveled from North Carolina to Louisiana in a sleeper car. Was wonderful, although the small size really is SMALL. We had to close the toilet to step up to the top bunk (which means when you need to go to the bathroom, you'd better be a CLOSE family... See More!!) LOL BUT ... it was really nice. Next time I'd get the bigger car. We got a nice guy who in the morning after another family who had a bigger car got off of the train, allowed us to switch rooms. The toilet was sectioned off so you could close the door and there was room to actually move around. I highly recommend it. :-)
(I moved it from my facebook to here so I won't lose the information!)

Art by Dawn Marie said...

I'm so glad that the train ride worked out so well. I hope the ride home was good, and not stressful. I'm also glad that you had plenty of food for your ride home!

TJ said...

I'll remember your comments on the train ride. My husband and I have talked about taking a ride. Maybe we'll get the sleeper car too if the ride is long. Glad you had a good time.

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