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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When it rains we drink tea!


The rain
Its been raining ALL day!
I love the sound of rain hitting the metal roof of my two porches.

Lets talk tea!
Here in this picture we have my personal favorite Market Spice Tea

Market Spice takes center stage
On the sides we have IKEA's Blueberry and Raspberry and Vanilla
Blueberry here is the winner
the Raspberry and Vanilla came off a little weak.
Blueberry is very worth drinking.

Market Spice Tea is natural with no preservatives.
It must be stored properly if you get the 1lb loose leaf which I recommend then it needs to 
be stored in the freezer or fridge in a glass container to be kept fresh.


Mint always the old standby

Also a very good comfort tea

This is a "flowering tea" they have sewn petal together so that when it gets wet and warm it opens up into a full bloom.
Oh did I say dud? Yep, first off do not and I repeat do not pour the hot water on top of this delicate little thing.
It makes the flower very ugly.
Second add in a tea that you want to taste along with this water pretty
because you can't taste this -seriously weak tea!


On to Coconut Mango Oolong tea

This leads me to Coconut Cocoa Tea.
A new favorite of mine.
Yes I have lots more teas I could add to this blog but they are more in the average normal everyday range.
I recommend to any tea lovers the Market Spice and the Coconut Cocoa tea.
The runner up spice would be Blueberry from IKEA.


Blessed Rain said...

Margie Pazmino Walker
I'm not a tea person, but I can see the appeal of drinking something warm when it rains. Glad you had a relaxing day =)

Art by Dawn Marie said...

Hmmmm see you like other teas! You didn't ever try the Blackberry Sage, from the same people that make the Coconut Coco tea which is also a favorite of mine. Yes market spice will always be at the top of my favorites!

Blessed Rain said...

There was only so much time for tea sweetie don't worry I know stores here that sell that brand and will be able to try to blackberry sage.

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