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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Board walk in the rain

Hubby and kids riding carousel on the board walk in California

It was raining and cold that morning which meant we had the whole place to ourselves!

Prissy is just so cute!

Hubby and Little man 

Little Man and Prissy
hmmm they really don't seem to care that its raining outside

After a few hours the rain lets up to a gentle drizzle and we head out for some beach time

We found the King of the Sea Lions (LOL)
He was the biggest and the loudest call.
You should have seen him strut his stuff!

Our visit was great, good times with good people.
Hubby fixed the sink yesterday sorry I forgot to take photos, and we also changed out our reverse osmosis filters.
I know your wondering what a stay at home mama in a mobile home is doing with a reverse osmosis right?
Hubby put it in a year ago in the hopes it would improve our health.
Seeing the amount of black junk in the water is enough that I am happy we have them.
Little man is talking more and trying out new words.
I am very excited about this new stage in his life and I am thrilled to see him beam when he gets one right.
Prissy is getting more and more prissy acting every day.
Its driving me crazy!!
Especially her new habit of washing her hands for twenty minutes to make sure they are really clean, how do you explain how that hurts her? She has eczema and this is really not helping.
This is the end of our trip pictures I will try to post our garden photos tomorrow so you can see how everything has grown.

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