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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Geeky Shows

So we finally found Firefly the whole series (ok only one season but that's all it lasted one season and one movie) at Sams Club for 18.88! Now we need to buy Serenity the movie accompaniment.
This is a family favorite, one of the best series ever made. However some how it fell through the cracks and got dumped! Sad, very very sad.

Next up I have some of my dorky gamers movies.
They have nominal acting,
not so great filming crews but honestly it adds to the believability of the shows.

This movie is called The Gamers Dorkness Rising - Love it!
Hilarious, Silly and a great late night laugh your bum off it's so bad in a fun way.
For anyone who has ever gamed they would love this movie.
(Especially if you ever played a or with a Bard)
All time best movie quote "Hide behind the pile of dead Bards!"

The next show is called The Guild there are two seasons - (two episodes: Season one, Season two)
Seriously funny!

This is a show of gamer misfits.
A group of Guild mates that play all day long.
It shows all the different people that play and how they play.

The show is about this girl and her video blog.
One of her guild mates thinks she is in love with him and shows up at her doorstep.
She starts to help him grow up while at the same time flirting with the guy next door.
It shows the ins and outs as well as the ups and downs 
of being Guildies in a face to face world.
This show does have one con - bad language.

5/31/10 add note: just watched the new guild 3 - WOW!
I can not wait for the next episode.
Really bad language, hilarious show.


Tired Mom said...

The girl in "The Guild" is the same girl in "Dr. Horrible", the online series. Hubby has it on DVD and it's hilarious! And of course, it's got Nathan Fillion =) You might want to check it out. It's a musical, but it's so funny!

Blessed Rain said...

Wow - Guild chick and Nathan in a musical - now that's a must see!
both geek movies are a must for your hubby even though he is not an online gamer he will still find them funny!

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