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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our dryer...


This is my dryer.
A dryer that stopped working properly within the first three weeks of us buying it 
(and moving into our mobile home three years ago.)


After so long we were dying our cloths three times in the dryer to get them dry.
This is not cost effective.
Our plan: buy new dryer.
We (he) first decided to try cleaning out the vents.
The people who had lived in this house before us were filthy.


So after he checked the vents in the home and found them filled with junk,
he went under the house to see how the rest of the vent looked.
They had not even hooked up the vent to the outer tubing.
Instead there was about 6 feet of coil under the house not going anywhere!
Yeah should have looked at this three years ago.
Hindsight...and all that.

Oh well our dryer now dries in one load. 
We don't have to spend the money for a new dryer! 
Do I feel like a complete duh moment?

Completely fixed for the cost of new tubing.


Tired Mom said...

Whoo-hoo! Thank goodness you can dry your clothes in one load now! And thank goodness for a husband who knows how to get stuff done!

Blessed Rain said...

I know I know - he's the man!

Art by Dawn Marie said...

I'm glad you continued to look for anything else to fix from the previous owners. It's nice that you have someone to fix all these things.

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