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Sunday, May 16, 2010

How I garden


New wind chimes!
Yeah I should just never be allowed to shop sales with Margie!
Although I will say I love it!


My onions before transplanting 

My sweet peas before transplanting
Didn't they just grow amazing!

The table workstation as I transplanted my plants to larger containers.

Little man "helping" Mama transplant just chillin in his upside down carseat
while eating his chips.

Onions after transplant
Cross your fingers with me and pray they make it!

Sugar Snap Peas container one

Sugar Snap Peas container two.

So everything I plant must remain in tubs - veggie wise or its not allowed.
Unless I wanted to plant behind my house which of course is almost year round full shade.
Have I ever mentioned that I hate my mobile home park?
OR that for the 4th time in four years they raised the monthly rates on us.
I can not wait to publish my book and buy a house!
My only sorrow is I have to finish editing, finding a agent and then of course publishing the book before that happens.
Sob sob... to bad I don't have a huge fan base that wants to buy me a house.
I guess I am just not that funny.

Will blog later I have to finish my chores now. 
Folding cloths
Cleaning kids after chasing and dragging them inside the house

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