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Friday, October 12, 2012

Prissy's Parade

Magna Home Coming Parade October 2012

To insure that the parade had more than 5 entrants they invited all the school clubs in the area to join the parade.
So my daughters after school, HATS, program joined in.

My daughters pleading for me to take her, wait and watch was poetic.

"Mama, your ruining my life!
This could be my only chance to be in a parade!
Please, Please, Please let me be in the parade!"

Yes, I'm a bad mama, I didn't want to go to the parade.
However, knowing how much she wanted it and how many friends she has made in the program, I went.
She had the time of her life and I got some amazing shots of Magna Main!

The men (hubby and son) stayed home and played Mario.
My daughters face is painted up to look like a cute bulldog since her school is the Bulldogs!

You can double click the photo to see it really large 

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