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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I know I mention my BFF a lot on my blog and for good reason, but very few of my family or old friends have met her or know anything about her. So let me introduce you to an amazing woman! You can find her blog, Tired Mom here, please check it out! She is truly an amazing person!

First off we have been friends for twelve years, we got married to our sweet hearts within three weeks of each other and tried to have our babies together (we only managed to have Beauty and Little man within four months of each other). Save calling my family she was the very first person I called when my mother died. She is always the person who I laugh, cry, TMI and call when in trouble.

You might ask how I found such an incredible gem and I will tell you pure happenstance brought us together. God knew we needed to be friends so HE went to the most incredible heights to bring us into each others path.

It all started six months before we met. She moved to Utah for schooling (about 7-8 eight months before I met her) and at that time my Big sister and I started getting to know our new Chinese Church pastor - we attended a church that had several small sub churches also using the same building. Their two older daughters, my sister and I got along well and started doing things together. They, after several months of friendship, invited us late January to a Chinese New Year party at their home. That is where they introduced us to their college friends RR and Peter, who in turn invited us up to the college on Thursday nights for Swing Club. My sister and I thought that sounded great and went the very next week, where ironically neither RR or Peter attended - in fact they didn't show for another month and by then my sister and I were established regulars - but I divert from the story I met my BFF that very first night of Swing Club!

See what I mean about happenstance and the total hand of GOD! From that very first night where she mentioned she liked something that I happened to have a spare of and promised to bring the next night - we still don't remember what - we have been friends. One month after meeting we were BFF's (Best Friends Forever) and meeting outside of swing club. Within a few months we did everything together from shopping, outings, dancing and any random fun times were all shared.

Right now we are sharing her house while I am waiting to close on mine. Again it is a complete miracle that our children just work together. Her daughter Beauty has Autism and her son Macho has social anxiety, my wonderful dastardly duo are more hyper than ten normal kids and yet they still work well together and like each other. Our hubby's also get along and have LAN parties together - if you don't speak nerd that is where they hook up their computers and play multiplayer PC games.

My BFF is also acting as my editor, this works wonderful as I have a great imagination, but my English skills are not something I brag about, while her English's skills are incredible. Seriously after I get published she might get several job offers to be a full time editor! (Mid Sis you will be happy we have started editing again!)

So Thank you my BFF for being the most amazing support anyone has ever had while going through more junk than anyone could really believe!


Dawn Marie said...

Too funny, I had forgotten that it was Peter and RR who told us about swing club.
I'm glad you are editing again, and is the mid sister getting anxious?
I can't even tell you how glad I am that you have someone with excellent spelling and grammatical ingenious helping you through the beginning of this process.

Blessed Rain said...

Mid sis is getting a little demanding as she is still on low physical activity.

TJ said...

Best friends are awesome. Everyone needs one. It was nice reading about yours.

Tired Mom said...

AWW...I feel so special! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!! I can't wait to see what the next 12 years bring (and many more after that!).

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