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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Confessions of a recycler

First off to warn you there are two versions of this story. The other version can be found at my, Trying to get published, blog.

For the last two weeks Tired Mom, my BFF has been having a really fun time shopping! We have installed two storm doors, a canopy tent, new locks, bubble chairs for her toddlers and many small little things. While all of these new toys have brought joy not only to her heart but to her children and husband, it also led to an abundance of trash piled not only in her bin and recycle bin, but a huge large pile of boxes in front of her home.

Tomorrow is garbage day... after several well thought out plans were presented we of course stuck with the one that would be the most fun for us.
So at eleven o'clock at night Tired Mom, Prissy and myself snuck, from the house and began roaming the neighborhood in search of empty bins.

Luck was with us and we found the next door neighbor (who she doesn't get along with) had a very empty trash and recycle bin.
Hurrying quickly back to the house we started demolishing large boxes and separating the rest of the garbage from the recyclables. This would have been much easier if we hadn't needed to keep whispering to Prissy to be quite!

After we had his bin's full and we still had one very large (8x2 foot) box of trash and two medium (5x2) boxes to recycle we went scrounging around the neighborhood looking for more empty bins.
Four houses down and across the street we struck gold!
Creeping down the street we realized that only Tired Mom was properly dressed all in black for the nights escapade and that my nice gray shirt really lit up at night. Prissy of course drew the most attention in a white dress with pink polka dots. This might have gone unnoticed by the three cars that slowed down to watch us creep down the street with our arms full of recycling and junk, but I am fairly sure that the little old woman in the night dress putting out her own trash bins saw us.

No matter that she can describe us as the deed is already done! All the trash and recyclables have found their ways to empty cans and are waiting for the early morning trucks with hopefully few the wiser.


Dawn Marie said...

that is too funny! now to read the other version.

Tired Mom said...

We always have the best times together, however weird they may be! lol

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