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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little Man's Bed Set

My BFF recently bought this bedroom set on clearance for $350.00 in the light wood color. She was very happy with the four bedroom purchase and gave us her son Macho's old white bookcase (four shelves) and his old large white dresser.
Hubby then (next day) found a yard sale. Gotta love yard sales. Where he found the exact same bed set (three drawers underneath and a bookcase headboard) for 60.00 dollars!

Here is the headboard (we love the two tone look)
And the bottom bed part the drawers are still in the car. So all in all we have a four piece bedroom set for $60.00!
Now my BFF is still in love with her more expensive matching four piece set and I am thrilled that she is not upset at our blessings or the fact that she helped make it possible! Instead she is thrilled with our good fortune.

We will have to re-nail this bed as they used staples to put it together (who in their right mind uses staples?)
So all we are waiting for now is our closing date to be set! Then its move in time and we are going to go crazy!

I can not wait to tackle my new home!
This is by far the best year of our married life!

I can't wait until I can take a photo of Little Man's room and show you his full $60.00 set!


TJ said...

Wonderful! Looking forward to pictures when it's all in place. Ya gotta love thrift stores and yard sales. At least I do. I'm glad you were blessed.

Malini said...

How exciting! Bet Little Man is thrilled.

Blessed Rain said...

Thank you both! I am thrilled!

Dawn Marie said...

your BFF is the best ever! I'm so glad that you to became such good friends. I love little man's bedroom set, it will look even better all put together and in his new room.

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