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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a long day today

First off my BFF's house flooded this morning!
Besides running around in the rain chasing flying trash, panicking about the flooding basement, cleaning up the dirt or calming the screaming scared children.
I had a massive mammoth headache! ALL DAY LONG!!!

~ FYI - Lysol concentrate floor cleaner ~ cleans well but stinks! I mean really bad, I will stick with Pinesol in the future.

Shopping today though was great fun! I found the floor tile that I want to install in my soon to be upstairs bathroom! Yeah!

Update on house: Finally we have had progress! Verizon's HR finally gave in and talked to our lender. We received the bid on the fireplace and the shed. Got the final paycheck for this month and the proper paperwork showing that our school loans are not due for another year.
We need to resign the paperwork for the lower interest and then meet for the closing! Yeah closing!
Have I mentioned yet that I want to move into my new home?
NO!!! (fake incredulousness)

LOL I am happy things are moving along again and I will never ever have to refinance. 4.75 FIXED!

I still have a headache, I still want to shoot people with marshmallow guns (who wouldn't) and of course I still want to move tomorrow, but today has been a fun day in spite of everything!

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