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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Writing Desk

I am sure that once or twice on this blog I have mentioned my love of IKEA that has in no way lessened nor do I ever see that changing in the future.
The desk above is a Secretary desk that I am in love with! I want this in my new soon to be bedroom!

This sits on top giving you more room for your writing, scrap booking and supply items that you may want to store along with any bills and misc things.

This bench is super cool - its padded, fits perfectly under the writing desk and open up underneath for easy and handy storage!

If any of my friends and family want to get me the perfect Christmas present it would be a gift card to IKEA! This is on my want list not my need list so it will be several months to a year before I will be the proud and happy owner of this set!

I also went to IKEA and found a 365 recipe book that is on a final sale of $3.50 after one short day of looking at this tiny book I am in HEAVEN! YUM!

ps. I am in no way paid to advertise, promote or review any products I do so from my own personal beliefs, uses and observances.

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Blessed Rain said...

Hubby has decided that he can make this for me and have it still look as nice!

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