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Monday, August 30, 2010

Storms and Loans

Rain, lightening, thunder and HAIL!!! Woke the house at 6 am in the morning!
What happened next was something that we like to call very bad luck!
The newly fixed drain still over flowed unable to keep up with the torrential down pour and the house,
yup you guessed it - flooded again!
The men grabbed the new sump pump and were able to clear out most of the over flow 
before the house flooded to badly.

When all that was done the men to their dismay found out that it was now time for work!
My hubby having plenty of vacation time took the day off. We still had more paperwork that needed to be sorted on the house anyway. We had been told that they were missing coordinating student loan numbers and needed to get them even more paperwork!
Hubby makes his phone calls and we are told the paperwork they had wanted from him - they already had! Why? Because they hadn't looked for the account numbers ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PAPERS! So we are now all done with the paperwork and need Hud to approve a closing day for us.

Last week they were saying not until 9/11 today they said possibly 9/9 - WOW right? Today is the 30th and all the paper work is ready! What are they waiting for?


Dawn Marie said...

lol, isn't HUD through the Government? And this is who will run heath care? they didn't read the whole page before contacting you to ask for more documents, classic.
You know that they have to go through more channels of people reviewing, and stamping, and what ever before they close. I hope it gets done quickly.

Blessed Rain said...

The problem is it's all done! All the paperwork between all parties, they just done want to take their time - why I don't know!

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