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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paperwork and Employment Drama!

Why can't we all just get along?

I know that I am not the only one standing in the wings waiting for everyone to play nice together. Any adult that has purchased a house at one time or another and needed a loan has gone through similar aggravations.

We have had issues getting proper proof that my hubbies loans aren't due for another year as he is still in school. We have had issues getting our old mobile home park to show that we paid our lot rent for three years and the mortgage on the mobile for three years as they never sent them into the credit bureaus. (They never did but I had all the stubs from our cashiers checks - stupid I'm not.) 
We waited a week for our contractor to send us a tiny email with his bid to fix the roof. We have been running around fixing tiny things on our credit and paying off others. 

Now that we are at the very last final stages it comes down to two things that are holding us up. 

1. Verizon's HR not wanting to actually talk to our lender - who wants a five minute conversation to verify employment history.

2. Our paperwork guy was working very hard for us and got them to change our loan percentage from 5.7 to a fixed 4.75.
Now yes, that sounds great and I will really appreciate it later down the road, but what it means in the now is another round of paper work signing and another week in a half before we can close.

I want my house already!!!

Little man is sick and is running a high fever, Prissy is off track right now and is running around hyper in  my BFF's house and I don't even know how to tell the people that want to sell us their dog that it might be ANOTHER week before we can pick him up!
Crap the way this is going we may end up buying him the day we close and then seeing if another friend of ours could house him until the checks clear and we get the house keys.
We may not have a few days to pull the carpets out before moving, right now it looks like we will be camping in our new back yard while we paint, pull carpets and clean.

Seriously why can't everyone just get along and help me get my home? I have waited eight years for this home!


Dangerous Variable said...

I am selling my house. The paperwork is equally the same as buying.

Why would ppl go through so much paper work when buying a house? I understand all the checks and balances the system needs but it is a complete waste of time and money - lawyers, brokers, surveyors, etc.

Blessed Rain said...

We buy because we want our own space - not someone else's.
I need a place that will not hurt my daughters lungs.
I want to be able to paint, create and change things knowing that I am not benefiting someone else or flat out wasting my money.

As to the horrible amounts of paperwork - I would rather just give them a kidney and move in already.

Blessed Rain said...

Dangerous Variable I would be a follower of yours but it won't let me click your link.
So thank you for following!

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