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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh the possibilities!

So with a new house, new yard, new fence and all the rest comes the question of, are you going to try and get a dog again?

The last time we had dogs (Max and Oggie) things did not go well. I had to walk them five times a day on a leash in my yard with my son crying and throwing up inside each and every single time because I was gone - for five minutes.

Hubby had back surgery and couldn't help me, Prissy was far to young and Little man was a clingy mama's boy.
I had two dogs that peed and did the other in our house at random odd intervals even though they were "house trained".

Now a lot of things have changed Little man is older he is four in a half and would do rather well with a small dog he could cuddle with at night.

With the new house we could let the dog run around down stairs and just use throw rugs instead of installing new carpets. Then I could walk the dog into the backyard where he could go wild for as long as he and the kids would like.

Just in case there is any doubt the little guy in the picture is the dog in question. He is a pure breed Shih tzu (and yes I have been told that is the correct way to spell it) three months old and right now answers the strange name of Charlie. In two weeks he may be coming home to us and he will then be called Patch. I know, I know who names a cute little guy like this Charlie? Not me!

My BFF (see blog below) is allergic to dogs so this cutie patutie would have to stay down stairs in the basement with the kids (I know how horrible right? LOL) and out in the yard so that the top floor of our house would be more allergenic friendly for my editor and best friend.

The big question left is, How will he get along with my sister's dogs when they come for Thanksgiving?
Keep your fingers crossed!


Dawn Marie said...

OH! my little ones would love to meet him. Patch is a great name for such a cute little dog. He is adorable!

TJ said...

He is a cute dog. I hope it all works out.

Malini said...

Dogs are lovely, they add so much to a family. I'm glad you're getting one. the kids will love him!

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