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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So soon now!

Hubby went this morning to the new soon to be my home to meet with all the utility people as they came by the home and turned everything on for us. Things are going so well that not only did the water, power and gas all get turned on by early morning but the inspector came out and everything was done by 11 am!
How amazing is that?

Next they need the paperwork from the contractor we met with last night on redoing our roof shingles, they all need to review the inspection report and then we need to meet for closing!

By the middle of next week if all goes well I could be moving into my new amazing soon to be torn apart home!
We will be tearing out all of the carpet as their were smokers in the home, washing all of the walls from ceiling to floor and then repainting some of the rooms mainly Prissy's but depending on how well the walls clean possibly the living room and master bedroom.

I have never been so happy to work so hard! I will have a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home with a fireplace, laundry room and of course a fenced yard for my children! Love it!


Dawn Marie said...

you should use photo shop and block out the house number. Since this is on the web and all.
I'm excited for you!

Blessed Rain said...

yes but there is no street number and as this is UTAH every house in this area on that part of the street has the same number! They could go to 100 houses before finding it! Stop thinking Californian! LOL

Dangerous Variable said...

Congrats... am very happy for you.

TJ said...

Sounds like it will be beautiful. Congrat's again.

Kim said...

How exciting!!

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