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Friday, August 27, 2010

Poseidon's Storm

I had to borrow this picture, as earlier this evening when I had enough light to see the boiling green clouds, I unfortunately did not have my camera with me.
The dark sea green in the sky tonight made me think of Poseidon (aka King Triton in the little mermaid).
Poseidon is known as the Greek god of the Sea, storms and is also known as an earth shaker.

The storm that is hitting over head is dark, growing and the lightening is amazing! Utah normally has what is known as single strike lightening, tonight's lightening is filling up the whole sky.
Illuminating the whole sky. I love sheet lightening, my BFF, however, does not. In fact she completely freaks out seeing lightening and being out in it.

The storm that will last all of tonight and a good part of tomorrow I have now nicknamed, "Tridents Storm". I also liked to pretend that Zeus and Poseidon are fighting over the sky contesting to who it truly belongs. Keeping with tradition I will also blame the Gulf of Mexico oil spill for this round of contests as its "making Poseidon angry".

Now I am not a big, huge mythological person, but still this is very unusual Utah weather, so why not have some fun with it right?


Tired Mom said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wil from Utah said...

I remember the lightning storms in Tampa every year in the fall. It would light up the sky as if it were daytime. My cousins and I loved it. Then after about an hour it would stop and we would take a walk around the neighborhood.

Dawn Marie said...

what, your BFF was edited? wow.
I love lightening! Too bad you didn't have your camera, those would be great pictures I'm sure.

Malini said...

This is a lovely post! I love thunder and lightening ... naturally as long as I don't have to be outdoors and get wet!

Tired Mom said...

LOL! I'm such a baby when it comes to thunder and lightening; if I could always hide under the covers during a storm, I would! And don't worry Dawn, your sis still loves me! lol I told her to delete my comment 'cause I corrected something in the original post. Once she corrected it, my comment was no longer necessary =)

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