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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Rant

Today I again went to meet with hubby's therapist as she wanted to talk to me more about my book dreams - did we actually talk at all about my book? NO.

Did we come close to talking about my dreams... sure kinda of.

I am getting very annoyed with this person, especially when she asks things like "why are you so sure your books will be published?" Hello! My book is AWESOME! Not only will it be published but I am going to be HUGE! (LOL - Kinda) Seriously I wouldn't even be trying to get a book published if I thought it wouldn't go over well. Lets just say I love my book and I will read it over and over again - a mark of a very good book!

This time she talked mostly about our children and briefly about our soon to be home and then a little bit about if Hubby had had a good week or a bad week.

Then we talked about our living situation and the friends that we are living with - in fact almost the whole visit was spent talking more about my friends, their kids and projects than anything else.

I may be cynical because I don't like her very much but seriously aren't we suppose to be dealing with Hubby's issues? Hmmmm.....

She almost clapped for me when Hubby told her that I had started to drive him into work - seriously woman get a grip on reality. I drive him whenever I have to, like when my daughter has school that day, or when he had back issues and was on medication that restricted his driving. He does not need a chauffeur on the weekends, nor does he need me to do his work for him.

Again she is telling me that I don't do enough for him at home and that we need "more equal labor at home".
Excuse me?
I do everything at home! Laundry, cleaning, cooking, childcare, and most of the yard - he mows it. Although again I did it the year hubby had back surgery.

She's right in the fact that its not equal but she still wants me to do more... ME not him ME.

I don't mind my list I do stay at home, I do like my home jobs however being told that I am not doing enough makes me wonder why I am paying this woman. So far the only help she has been was to give Hubby some time off of work for the meds to kick in and proper medication other than that she seems to be causing more issues than she is curing.

Oh yeah and she wants to see me again next week - this time I made no promises.


Tired Mom said...

This woman sounds like an idiot! Why the heck is she asking questions that are unrelated to the real issues? I would stop seeing her and get someone who knows what they're doing!

Blessed Rain said...

Trust me if I thought that he would talk to someone else from the beginning again I would!
I think I am done with her if she wants to help my husband she can feel free but I am done enabling her wanting to pull me in as a second client.

Dawn Marie said...

I think you may want to see if your hubby has been saying things to her about you not doing enough, she sounds nuts, but maybe she has already made some assumptions. I'm not sure why she wants you in there, it sounds like she doesn't listen to you at all.

Heather said...

To me it feels this woman is jsut in it to get your money she has already said that she felt your hubby will be like this forever. if she felt that way then she is flat out admitting that she can not help him which you are paying her to do and is suppose to be her job!

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