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Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting the Depo!

TMI Warning!

This blog contains my first experience with the Depo Provera Shot. If you are squeamish, not curious, gross out easily or a man who never needs to know about it, you may want to stop reading, NOW!

I am a frank little creature that TMI's way to often and easily. I have tried my hardest not to TMI to much here in blog land, but this one takes the cake.

Every person has different reactions to different shots, so I fully expect that I will get a whole slew of, "that didn't happen to me's" and that is nice. This is what happened to me!

Dr. "Why would you like the shot?"
Me "I want to sleep at night."
Dr. "This doesn't help you sleep, its to keep you from getting pregnant."
Me "Yes and thus I will be able to sleep soundly knowing that I am not having any more kids."
She cracks a smile. I have a very no nonsense Dr. I love her to pieces as she is a great Dr. who doesn't miss much, pays attention and stays 100% focused on her job.
Dr. "You will need to take a calcium supplement from now on and come in every three months."
I nod my head in agreement, I had been warned about all this previously by my BFF.
Dr. "You may also experience spotting, bleeding, discomfort for the next three months and may want to come back in and wring my neck for giving you this shot, but by your second one (shot) all that will be over."
I laugh happily, "I promise, I can deal with the spotting."
Dr. "You may be sore in your leg for the next few days, but again it will fade."
I nod again just wanting the stupid shot and not the liability speech.
Dr. seems to understand and sends the nurse in with the shot, wishing me all best Dr. walks out.

Bright cheery nurse enters holding a small needle. We decide to put the first shot on my right side. I bare my hip she pinches a little bit of my chunky fat inserts the needle, smiles up at me. "All done!"
Seriously no pain from the needle, I didn't even feel it go in.

Five minutes later I feel the medicine moving through my hip -- fast.
Ten minutes later I feel it hit my right ovary. PAIN! I can't even describe the pain I am driving down the road wanting to pull over - can't as I am in the middle of road construction. After five minutes of constant ovary pain I felt all the blood inside of me start to gush out. EWW!
Thirty minutes later the pain hits the other ovary! This time I am walking around a store picking up Prissy's new medicine as she spent all of last night in the ER for bronchitis. (Seriously a very long night)
Again as the pain ends I get another round of YUCK come gushing out of me. This time I hurry up my buying at the store and run home to change my pad!

Will I go in to get another shot in three months - of course! Do I feel the general public should know that they might feel extreme ovary pain with the shot - Obviously, YES, as I am writing this disgusting post to share it!

Now, for all the men that decided to read this post even after the warning - don't you just wish you had changed the page?

Update: The second shot was just as bad as the first if not worse. Seriously gross AND on top of it for the entire 6 months I was on the depo shot, my period never stopped. So I didn't even get that!!!
As you might imagine I stopped taking it, went back to my natural cycle which thankfully is more messed up than most women at every 8-10 weeks, 4-5 days a cycle. I'll take that and the risk of more babies at this point - especially since my husband would LOVE more children.

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TJ said...

My friend takes these shot - I'll have to ask her if she experienced what you described. You had a day! Bless your heart!

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