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Sunday, August 29, 2010


The last few weeks that we have been helping my BFF around the house has really brought this one word to my attention.

My hubby fixes, helps and creates and with each project I help him. Our children who are monkey see, monkey do have picked up on this. NOT a bad thing. To make it even more amazing my hubby, who is one of a kind, finds little things for them to help with. In this way, they are always learning and always helping.

This has never been something we paid much attention too, it just was. Until we moved in with our friends who have two special needs children. Now they are high functioning and both are in school and progressing, but when house projects start they are removed from the area. Due to this, "Uncle R" my friends husband is having a hard time with my children's constant desire to help.

No amount of shoeing, pleading or cajoling will now deter my children from helping. IF papa or mama are helping then they are too, even if they are sick. Some might find this to be over helpful, others might even think that they need to learn their limits, I however, know that there is a very small window of opportunity. Once a child is told enough times to "Not Help", they will stop.

When I mean stop, I don't mean for the time asked, I mean period. They become pre-teens, then teens and if good hard work ethics or helping others, has not already been instilled in them you will end up like this person.

Being in need of help and not able to find any. Not the type of children future adults, I want to raise. How about you?

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