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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tires or Saturday's Sage part 1

I know dramatic title. However I felt dramatic on Saturday - and very worried.

Bald tire, G'man watching them change our tires - new fabulous tire!

It all starts at the end of Fridays sleepover, by noon the neighbor kids were gone and we were getting ready for a full day.
Our plans were simple.
Get the car legal and registered for another year, come home fix the hot water tap (Prissy accidentally broke the handle last week so we ordered in a new one.) Then I would get ready to go out at 5pm with my bestie to the concert we've been dying to see Pentatonix and Kelly Clarkson!!!
(It was even better than we'd hoped for! However that will be tomorrows post.)

At 1:30 pm we'd failed the safety but passed emissions. What failed? As the title of today's post reads Tires, I'm pretty sure you can guess that the tire treads failed. Also the windshield wiper blades.

On to a near by tire store! By 2 pm we'd selected our tires and were in line for an open bay. Being told the wait was long and they would start work on the car around 3:30 pm we went across the parking lot to shop while we waited for all four new snow tires to be put on the van.
I scored the book Wicked, (Yay!) as well as two Mystery Murder dinner games! Still I was getting unhappy with the late hour.

It wasn't until 4:10 pm that they pulled our van into a bay and started our tires. 4:50 pm we were done, running to see if we could get the car legal (it was closed - so we'll try again Monday.

Thankfully this put my bestie and I only behind by 30 minutes - which was good since the lines to get into the concert were MASSIVE!!!
That however is tomorrows story ;)

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Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

Sometimes when it rains it pours .... but you are taking in stride and moving forward with grace. Can't wait to read your post on the concert love Kelly Clarkson's music - always real and raw. xo Blessings, Celia M.

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