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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Opening Acts or Saturdays Saga part 2

Since I live wickedly close to the Usana Amphitheater we arrived by 5:45 pm only half an hour behind our original plans (see Tires or Saga part 1) - still in time for great parking and a decent spot in line. For those just tuning in this was Saturday 8/8/15 for Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix. Also known as the Piece by Piece Tour.

When the gates opened at 6:00 pm we were in our seats by 6:20 pm. The security there is amazing! Walking in we were greeted sweetly, pointed the direction of our amazing front seats (more than once) one very sweet man was kind enough to think I knew where I was headed - jokes on him!

Our final ground security guard though was the best! He was a gruff, tough looking man in his early sixties, his voice had the sound of gravel. However, he's the sweetie who took my besties and I's photo in the bottom photo.
Also you can see how close we were to the stage! It was amazing!
By the time the first opening performer Abi Ann took the stage we were the best of friends with our security guard. M and I agree her song, Future Ex Boyfriend, is a hit.

Watching the different acts I found my dream band. I also found out I can't say the words, dream band, without my son freaking out and telling me LOUDLY that my darling hubby is my dream man... It was a moment.

So you take the pianist from Abi Ann, the drummer from Eric Hutchinson & the guitarist from Kelly Clarkson.... and its a pretty good looking group of men, but for the love of my sanity don't say so in front of my son!

Somewhere between Abi Ann and Eric the four seats in front of ours were filled with loud, short peppy women - who amazingly enough were M's neighbor and family!!!

First off - I like any woman who is shorter than I am. Standing at 5'2, its not easy to find, but Saturday was full of short, loud, hyper fun!
The clip is just a small blip of what type of fun we were having during the show breaks (tearing down and setting up each new act) music would blast, people would dance, we even had people dancing in the aisle!
Tomorrow's blog - the final saga will be about the two main acts! Pentatonix (my personal favorite) and Kelly Clarkson (who is beyond talented).

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