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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tickets? Pentatonix and Kelly Clarkson

My best friend and I... what can I say? In some ways we are identical to the point of it being scary!
However, there are a few things we are polar opposites on! (food, movies, books)
Music is our one in between.
We like several of the same artists, adore and sing many of the same songs, but when it comes to concerts.... we DON'T.
16 years of BFF craziness and not one concert. We've sung in the car, on campus, around people, at people, clubbing and the odd random moments in the grocery store.
I've gone to TONS of concerts. She has gone to TONS as well.

So this year when my all time favorite group Pentatonix came into Orem, Ut. (still quite far from me) I didn't go.

However, when they announced they were joining up for a summer tour with Kelly Clarkson.... well my BFF might have gone nuts!

One of her favs and my fav's together? HECK YES! Not only did we score some amazing tickets! (Row G) but she became an exclusive member of Smith Tix, just so we could get them 4 days earlier!

Now the big question is what are we going to wear? I highly doubt that my hubby will allow me to make a shirt that says, "Property of Avi, return if lost."
Nor do I think I could get my BFF to wear a matching shirt... Good thing we have until Aug. 8th to figure this out!

Also for my long time readers I have been working out daily for 2 months and am losing the weight. FINALLY!
So I won't be buying any shirts for the concert until its closer since I am hoping to drop a size or two!

I would also like to thank our two amazing and sweet husbands who have put up with our craziness for years and will continue to do so with patient and loving smiles!
You two are both NUTS for putting up with us - but we adore you both!

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