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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dear Me

Moving through the internet lately has been #DearMe. Where you give advice to younger women by saying what you would say to your younger self if you had the chance.
As always mine will be a bit different, but then again I'm not normal so here goes.

Dear Me;

Remember in Kindergarten when you counted the dots on the ceiling (loudly) to get out of time out? Remember the principal coming down? And how you spent the rest of the year visiting him in his office for 10 min a day? (and every day for the next 4 years)
Thank you! Those times ROCKED! I also have such great stories!

Remember in Third grade when you stood in front of the bulldozers and encouraged at least 45 other students of various ages to stand with you? Remember how they ran when the principal came over?
Remember how he had to erect in a 6 ft. fence around the entire "old" playground, to keep YOU out?
Thank you! I LOVE and adore how you were fearless!

Remember in the Seventh grade when your science teacher, vice principal and principal would rather believe you were a math and science genius to have figured out the rockets trajectory so that it would hit the vice principals car, than believe it was an accident?
Thank you! Evil genius does have a good ring to it!

Remember the first day of High School? First class Drivers Ed? Remember the look on your Drivers Ed teacher's face, when we were bumper tagged by our guy friends? (at least 10 guys in two cars - one in front of us, one behind.) How he asked if you were a cheerleader? You said no and waved at the guys, thanking them for embarrassing you and for being the best guy friends in the world!
Thank you! People still don't believe that one!

Remember moving to Phoenix? Your roommates? The year of both hell and growth. Of friendships that you still have?
Thank you! I can't imagine my life without that!

Remember being up for anything? Like randomly going to a College Swing Club?
Thank you! I met my BEST FRIEND of all time there, plus learned to dance!

Remember getting kicked out of Trolley Square Mall for playing laser tag? Or playing roller blade laser tag downtown SLC at midnight and getting yelled at by the Circus for moving their traffic cones?
Thank you! I look back and KNOW that I LIVED life to the fullest!

Remember Wil? The guy with the UGLY sweater and the corduroy pants?
Thank you! For giving him a shot! This April 27th will be our 13th anniversary!

Thank you! You made great choices, lived life and enjoyed every second! We didn't do anything that the media thinks teens do. We never drank, smoked, did drugs or had sex outside of marriage.
I was never arrested, never involved in crime and AMAZINGLY I look back on my life with happiness. I LIVED.
I have memories of adventure, friendships, camps, activities, sports and love.
I am still trying to be that brave spontaneous person. Still living, still enjoying life and all that is around me. I refuse to fall into a rut and become bored with the life I live.
Thank you! Because you were fearless, so am I.

I am also raising my children to enjoy life's quirky moments - Midnight Recyclers 


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I looovvvvee this!

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