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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cinder Garden and a Lovely Mess

Saturdays always start out rough for me. G'man will come in and wake us up - early. He doesn't know how to sleep in. Hubby once awake can not return to sleep - EVER. I adore this man, but this is a serious failing.
At this point in the morning I always burrow into the blankets and try to pretend the world doesn't exist. I am accomplished at this.
Hubby will make coffee and then return to tease, tickle and finally drag me from the bed. Its our game - don't judge, we end up giggling like kids, while our kids judge us loudly.

Yesterday during the burrow stage I got a message from my friend Sara! They wanted to meet for breakfast!
Hubby knew something was up when I jumped from the bed and started dressing - by choice.
20 min later and we were sitting down to eat with our long time friends Shayne and Sara.

After breakfast we head out to Ikea - today is the day I get a new mattress! Also I don't have photos but my hubby fixed the microwave saving us a few hundred! (Ladies always marry someone handy!)

We found a firm foam mattress and had the two store employees laughing. I guess we aren't the normal type of people who try out mattresses. No one else laid down, rolled over, bounced and kicked each other... some people are just boring.
We headed home much poorer than when we set out, but very happy.
After dumping our old mattress in a dumpster nearby we headed home to attack our backyard projects.

First off the kids (mine and ALL the neighborhood kids) decided to help paint. We will need to repaint the lettuce box and pull the pink paint from Patches face (the girls got him).
Our neighbors are moving, they had TONS of cement retaining wall blocks in their driveway for a project they never got around too - to make a long story short we helped them clean up their driveway and we got the blocks!
Hubby is making a new kitchen garden for the small veggies right next to the kitchen!
Dirt for this area will arrive Monday afternoon!
Yes, I am spoiled. No I will NEVER find someone who spoils me as much as he does.

I adore project days! Also I LOVE the new mattress! Its hard but still comfortable.
I am still at 208 but am getting loser in my clothing so I am sure that once again I am exchanging fat for muscle. My arms are sore right now from all the lifting. Each one of those blocks weighs between 80-100 pds EACH.

I have to run now - I have dishes, a quick run to the store and then a friend is coming over!
Let the good times roll!

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Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

AH HA!!! the answer to week-end mornings breakfast out ... I can so relate to your hubby once awake I CANNOT return to sleep .. i hear him ,, I feel his pain. I so admire people that can return back to sleep! - That is awesome about the cement blocks - You will certainly enjoy that garden.. nothing like fresh grown veggies. And the pink on the chicken coop looks brilliant!! Lots of fun you are all having .. enjoy and have a brilliant week..

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