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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Early Easter, Dirt and TMI

Hubby's work once again did the Easter Egg hunt for the kids! We did the 4:30 hunt, but due to how many employees they have, they also did a 5:30 hunt as well.
G'man went nuts and came away with more candy than I think any other kid got - his bucket was FULL.
Prissy was just happy that she got to take a photo with the Disney Princesses!

Both kids have enough candy to make them sick for at least a week! Easter isn't even here and already I'm wishing the candy far far away!

My sister ended up in the E.R today and will be going in for surgery to remove her gallbladder soon.
Prayers for her health, safety and finances are greatly appreciated! 

My kitchen garden dirt (half topsoil/half compost) arrived and needs to be shoveled into the bed area.
We are hoping its enough dirt - if not we may need to buy more.
I think between the pile and the rest of our own compost pile we will have enough. Hubby is slightly worried.
He is such a perfectionist - I don't know how in the world he's managed to be married to me for so long and stay... somewhat sane?
My grasp on sanity slipped years back - if I ever had a hold at all.
I am still working out daily and still losing. Its slow but I'm seeing progress! 

Also in a weird, what the hey, TMI moment I got a new tiny cute torture device called an Epilator. This is a mechanical tweezer machine that rips the hair out of your body. The first minute or so is quite painful - it fades and you are left with incredibly smooth arm pits and legs.
Seriously my body hasn't been this smooth since I was 12.
If you want to have smooth skin for swimsuit season and can handle a little pain, you should look into one!

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