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Friday, March 13, 2015

Goals and Catching Up

I know that its been almost two years since I've blogged regularly. So what happened? Well if you followed me for a while or read through my, Path to Me, posts you would know that I've been working on finding me again.
The snarky, feisty, loudmouthed trouble maker that I missed terribly, but had become to tired and depressed to be.
Two years ago I WOKE UP.
Fully and completely.

Around the same time my husband went in for gastric bypass surgery and started to have seizures. He has dropped from 365 pds to 209!!!

Hubby when he's bored and missing me at work

He is still having seizures - they are growing more frequent and terrifyingly we haven't been able to determine the cause.
Thankfully he is on a medication that has minimized the effects of the seizures and has stopped them from being severe.

Due to his amazing progress in weight loss my darling hubby put money aside so that I could go in for the surgery as well. When he went in I weighed 236 pds. This Jan. I've finally managed to reach 216 pds.
Twenty pounds isn't something to be sad about, but still in a year in a half I wanted more progress so I agreed to undergo surgery.
HOWEVER - while I may be fearless about many things, I'm a HUGE chicken butt when it comes to hospitals!
The next day after agreeing to meet with a doctor for surgery I started HARD work on the treadmill. Starting with 60 min a day. After a week moving up to 90 min and now I am at 100 min a day.
I am down to 208 pds. and will continue to work my BUTT (quite literally) off!

I would rather cut out junk food, soda and work hard then have invasive life altering surgery. I have also agreed with my over clever husband that if I slack off and stop - I go in.
He is afraid for me. He is afraid that something could happen to both of us. Which coming from a long family line of heart issues on both sides of my family, I have to admit, his fear for me is valid.

The best thing about getting my spark back? My sense of fun?
I have more energy. I'm more creative. More active. My life the past two years has been FILLED!

To add to the fun list of things I need to catch you guys up on, my husband spent a weekend a few weeks ago and built a chicken coop from scratch. (Yes, he really is that good)
We have 9 chickens at the moment living and stinking up his office/my workout room. Tomorrow we will finish the outside fence of the coop and get them outside!
(You have NO idea how happy I am about this!)
I will post photos soon. Maybe even tomorrow but I can't make promises.
We will be hard at work getting the outer fence up, as well as running a power line from the back of the house to the coop so they won't freeze at night.

So in the quick brief bit I managed to write out - I'm awake, alive, causing mayhem and getting projects done!


Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

Oh Telisha ... how wonderful to see your blog come up on my blog reader!!! I'm sorry to read about hubby - but glad that he is doing better. WOW!!! You are a star ... that is such an achievement and I just know you can reach whatever weight you are comfortable with. And you are doing au natural - YOU GO GIRL!!! And don't worry when you reach your goal .. you can use the money your hubby put aside to restock your wardrobe with clothes that fit the healthy person you created! -
I hope you share photos of your chicken coop!!! We thought about doing that at the country house - but now that I am spending more time at my city house I will live vicariously through others when it comes to raising chickens!! Hugs and Blessings, Celia M. (HHL)

Telisha Garris said...

Celia - Out of everyone I have missed you most!
Thanks for the loving comment!

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