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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Chicken Coop and Fun

It will be after 8 pm when I'm done writing this post - and I've finally sat down for the first time since 10 am!
If I hadn't been working out for the past two months there is NO WAY I would've made it through today!

Last night my daughter had a sleep over, at which of course no one slept. This morning we hit the ground running!
Thankfully I made a filling breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and toast. Oh and COFFEE!!! Massive amounts of yummy Cherry Chocolate Coffee!

First off we finished adding the chicken wire to the chicken coop, made their ramp and then brought the little buggers out of the house and outside for the first time!
After that we ran off to Lowes for more supplies. At this point they should just give me stock in their company.

We aren't fully done with it, but its fine for spring/summer. We may add a second set of laying boxes on the other side and we will be adding windows to it tomorrow.

A few months ago Hubby and I found the most amazing cull lumber at Lowes (returned or damaged items for WAY cheap). We were able to buy two massive cart loads of cedar 6 ft. fencing for 22.00!
Now we are building the outer fence for the chickens with it! We have two sections up today and will finish one wall tomorrow.
This way they will have a day area for them to range, play, and eat in, as well as, an inner safer area for nighttime.
I never ever thought I would be a chicken lady, but hey life's an adventure right?

Not mine, not mine, not mine, not mine, mine and mine - top large ;)

At least these guys think so! 
They had a ball playing together today! The girls decided to use chalk to make them... something.
One girl wanted to look fierce, another pretty, colorful, hilarious... each to their own.
They were together, they were playing and they were enjoying life! What else needs to be said?

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Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

WOW!!! You are doing it... the chickens will be happy to be outside - as I'm sure you are extremely they are no longer in the house. That is fabulous scoring a deal on the lumber ... The children are going to enjoy their "Chicken Chores" ... and the rewards of fresh eggs ... Happy Sunday, Celia M. (High Heeled Life)

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