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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tidbits of my day

Our storage shed after a few days of moving things (this was a few days ago so imagine another four feet of items)

My kids playing in the rain Little Man decided to wear his sisters shoes as they played in the rain.
Our first ripe tomato
Our strawberry plants

Today we did a huge trip to storage, packing and giving away my whole bedroom set.
After we move into the new home we will have to go shopping for a new one.
Alright you caught me I can't wait to go shopping for a brand new bed set!


TJ said...

I know it's a hassle to pack and move but once you get in all in place, you'll be so happy. Congrats on a new bedroom set - I had ours before we got married - had it for 30 years now. I'm jealous! haha

Blessed Rain said...

The one I just gave away was my mothers wedding bedroom set over 35 years old.
I am sure she wouldn't mind me giving it away to find something that I really love.

Dawn Marie said...

She wouldn't mind, She would be so excited to see your new place! hey, will the colors from the Tree of Creativity fit with your new place?

Blessed Rain said...

Of course my place has mostly white walls!

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