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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Little Man's Day Out

Aquarium time!
 My BFF and I took our kids minus Prissy who was attending her second day of school to the Sandy Aquarium.
 Little man was in heaven! He pet sting rays, saw sharks, penguins and of course frogs! 

Beauty loving the sharks!
It was a magical morning!

Still have not heard back from our Realtor so we will call him in a few hours to check on the progress of our paperwork.
I can not wait for all of this to be over!
I want to move into my home!
How do people deal with the waiting?
I don't ever want to move again!


Sunnymum said...

So happy for your new home! I can't wait until we are settled. I'm tired of picking up and moving as well. At least, we didn't have the paper work end of it but it's still no fun packing & moving. Looking forward to hearing more about your house after you do get moved in.

The longest we've been in one place is 5 years.

Blessed Rain said...

Longest we have been in one place is three years, before that we were in the apartment for two before that mom's house for two, Wil's aunts for 9 months and our first place we were at 6 months.
I am very sick of moving!!

Tired Mom said...

So happy we went early before the rush! Love the pictures =)

Dawn Marie said...

your pictures are great!
I'm glad that we haven't had to move lately too!

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