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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day One

Alright I am going to confess something that is humiliating in the extreme while I have lost 20 pds in the last couple of years I am still weighing in at 211. I know mortifying right? Today I start my first day of Medifast don't get me wrong I am not selling for them I am just very excited. My hubby has lost 54 pds in just over two months. He is 283 if I don't start soon we might end up the same weight and I can't handle that type of crushing blow to my ego.
Meal one today was a strawberry crunch bar, later today I have cream of broccoli, raspberry tea, mint chocolate crunch bar and Parmesan puffs.
So today I clean the fridge of all the food I was unable to use before my diet came. I will attempt to blog on my progress once a week.


Rocky said...

Bah! Momma Still looks as beautiful as ever =)

Margie said...

That's right, you're still beautiful sweetie! Though, I am glad you're taking better care of yourself. Don't worry, we're all behind you, especially me! Love you!

The Caked Crusader said...

Having just started a new regime myself I know how tough it is - good luck!

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