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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Helpers and my garden!


My Children helping me with the dishes!
Alright they are just the most wonderful and the sweetest in the whole world until of course
they do something to drive me crazy! LOL


My Sugar Snap Peas
Yes I know I will have to re-pot them I just didn't expect them to all grow!


My tomato plant going to try the weird hangy upside down thing


My strawberries plants will be taking more photos of them later.


My very pretty flowering plum tree


My weed patch that I am going to clean up

This is the half that I have been able to weed so far.
Next I am going to poison so they won't grow back then
I am going to add in the cool special dirt.
And finally I am going to plant poppy's here so I won't have to mow
or continue to weed.
Will add more photos soon!

Ps. I am now down to 199!

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