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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Love

This is my anniversary month! Today as my husband helped me clean the house we listened to the first mixed Cd he ever made for me - almost 9 years ago when we were first dating. A CD that he labeled "Kiss Me". We will be celebrating our 8th anniversary at the end of the month. The greatest thing about this is how much we still love each other. As my husband played the air guitar to the song "All my lovin" I know for a certainty that I am one of the happiest and luckiest women in the world.
Who cares that we live in a tiny mobile home? Have no credit score to speak of and have more health issues than we can count. We are happy, in love and our children know for certain that they are loved.
Even the little everyday moments of cleaning house together make me appreciate the amazing man I am married to.
So many people are dicontent with what they don't have that they never take the time to appreciate what they do have.
If my life never changes, if my book never gets published and we never make any more money than we do right now, I will still be happy.
I have not spent my life waiting for the rainbow around the corner, we have spent our moments loving, laughing and caring for those around us.
I don't say all this to brag (well a little who wouldn't with such a great man?) but to encourage others to enjoy and be thankful with where and what they have.
Take a few moments out of your day to just appreciate one thing or one person.
A simple thank you for being my friend can mean the world to someone and it costs nothing.

Today my family cleaned our home to songs of love, songs that amazingly enough we still feel for each other. We danced, laughed and remembered.
The song still feels my heart and joy makes my steps light and the work easy.
I love my family, my Hubby who has lost 60 pds since the picture above, my daughter Prissy who wants to be beautiful and my little non eater Little Man.

Since starting my diet two weeks ago I have lost 9 pds, not as much or as fast as I would have liked but it is coming off and I am very happy with each and every pound.

Below is the play list to my very special and crazy CD - and yes some of the songs you would just have to know us to understand.

Kiss Me - Playlist

Kiss Me -Harry Conick Jr
500 miles - Pretenders
I wanna hold your hand - Beatles
She likes me for me - Blessed Union of Souls
Waltzing Matilda - Beryl Ives
Recipe for Love - Harry Conick Jr
All my Lovin - Me first and the gimme and gimmes
Kiss Me - Six pence non the richer
Best Things in life are dirty - From the sound track Paint your Wagon
Saint theme - The Saint Soundtrack
Indiana Jones last crusade theme song


Margie said...

AWWW...you're so cute! Here's wishing you many, many more years of happiness =D

TJ said...

Happy Anniversary - it's good to see couples still in love with each other. As you said - happiness isn't in things - it's in God and each other.

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