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Friday, November 9, 2012

Miche, Miche, Miche!

For those that don't know or don't follow my blog - first off Welcome and second I am having a South of the Border, Miche Purse Party! (Nov 24th!) Online sales under my party will close Nov. 23rd.

First off - what is Miche? Its an Idea. A wonderful, creative idea. Its a company that designs purses - that change with you!

Step one: select the size of purse (or purses) that would be the best fit for you. Click here for page link, please check to make sure that you are connected to my party! My name and South of the Border will be on the bottom left of the screen!

A. The Prima - A great for mothers with young kids - lots of room for bottles, snacks and even a few covers that come with a matching changing pad. ALSO great for Business women who need to carry a large tablet or notebook.

B. The Demi - A great for mothers, people (like me) who like to have their camera on hand as well as a Kindle, lotions, sanitizes ect.

C. The Classic - A great for business women. Not to heavy or clunky, but will hold what you need plus a few extra's. (only Miche to come in different colors)

D. The Petite - This is great for a girls night out, dancing, shopping.

Once you have chosen a size (or sizes) I am going with the Petite and the Prima. That way I have one for when I go out with the kids - trips to the zoo, the park, hiking ect will be so much easier.
However, when I just want to run out shopping or to dinner I will want the small Petite.

Next up comes the FUN! You choose an outer shell. To make this blog simple. I will be adding photos ONLY of the ones I plan on buying this month. :) With a small bonus section at the end on the Luxe Line.

The top is the Allie! (Prima) Second is the Chelsey (Prima). The Chelsey is the only bag that can also be converted into a back pack! Great for college, business, or alternate transit people. Everything from bikes to the subway will be great with this purse!

 At top the Carolyn - brand new to the line (petite), Second up The Snowflake also new (petite)

Now one of these days I would also like to get both of these but because they are from the more exclusive line of Miche - the line that comes with all the extra's included with the bag, they are a bit more pricey.

First up is the Marseille, light, stylish (Prima) Second is the Quincy dark, detailed and subtle.(Prima)
Each size (sans petite) have Luxe options.
Visit the site - come to my party - or join the party online. If you like anything here you will love what they have online. Remember these are just a small part of what they offer, in my own select taste.

Now you might ask why you would want such a set up? If you are like me you might be at the point that you hate moving items from one purse to another to another to another.
This way I will only have to move my credit card holder and check book from the Prima to the Petite.The outside changes to match my clothes or outing NOT the inside :).

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