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Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh Randomness!

So many bad and strange things have happened the last few days.
Last week I sprained my ankle, today my poor son was stung by a wasp twice.

Last Thursday I woke at 6:30 am and finally fell asleep at Late Friday early Saturday at 3:30 am which of course is why later Saturday I sprained my ankle - sleep deprivation... not clumsiness!
I swear it!

My BFF had this ball pit. Its a great ball pit. Has a few large holes... and to mention that she doesn't have the room to put it up anymore. Inside or out. (not with all the remodeling she's been doing.

Thankfully my boy is now sleeping and his allergy to wasp stings isn't that bad - minor swelling and lots of pain.

Also we have been battling the invasion of ants - flying, crawling.... I have been killing these suckers for 5 days off and on.
Every few days I have to respray and re-check the traps.
In the photo see that crack?
Its between my front door and my screen door.
This is where they keep coming IN! ARG!
Anyway sorry for my complete and totally random rant.

1 comment:

High Heeled Life said...

You have had your hands full .. hope things turn around for you and your little man is doing much better. xo HHL

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