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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Special Father

Fathers Day, the one day a year we turn around and thank a man for doing a normally thankless task.
Most men even in our modern day and age do not stay home with the children (props to those that do) most go to work.
They work long, hard and with people they would rather not, dealing with things they would rather not.
Mothers day is easy - its easy to thank a mom - cooking, cleaning, child rearing - friends, shopping, washing, caring for the sick ect for the most part these are what "moms" do.

Papa's are different.
They work. Then they come home and do more work. Wives (like myself) hand them a "honey do" list. So that project around the house can get done.
My husband (thankfully) is very easy going and laid back, when he tackles a honey do item he normally takes one of the kids with him at the same time - teaching the child how to do the task.
My son is 6 and already has his own REAL tools.

But being a father is much more than tools and paying bills.
Its listening to endless chatter.
A quick hug.
A pat on the back.
That special smile that shows how proud they are of what you have done or become.
Taking time - to do, teach or just to be with them.

A father of boys must teach manners, kindness, empathy, responsibility as well as whatever skills they can pass on.

A father of girls must teach something very different.
He must teach her that she is whole. She is loved. She is beautiful. She is valuable. She is protected.
These are things she can not learn from another, it has much less meaning coming from another - any other.

My husband has the daunting task of doing both and being both.
So far he is amazing!
Some days I'm jealous - he makes it look easy!

So thank you to a special man,
who has not left his family
who works hard
who loves with every fiber of his being
who has never failed us
You amaze me everyday.

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Diane said...

You are truly blessed. And, so is he. What a beautiful tribute to your man. Keep it up and your love will grow all the days of your lives. Diane

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