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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Egging!

Last night when we went to lock up the house for the night, we found two buckets and two kites on our front porch. They had notes addressed to Prissy and to G'man! Indicating eggs had already been laid down and were waiting for the kids!
We'd been Eastered! A surprise Easter Egging!

Now before you wonder - yes I am that lucky, and yes I have some very amazing loving people in my life, as well as in my kids lives!
This morning while the kids hunted eggs, mama and papa hunted the givers! Our very good friends Shayne and Sara played Easter bunny and gave our kids much more than just candy! They have been smiling and feeling so very extra special today!

Also we finished painting the chicken coop and worked more on the outside fence. They are getting so large they will need to be able to run around the day coop soon!

Yesterday and today we worked on backyard projects. Hubby tilled the entire back garden. We fixed the tiller and ran into my besties sister - which is a whole other story.
Due to the amount of spring work we've been trying to get done, we had a very simple quite Easter dinner.
Here is the recipe and photo of dinner!

Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover I pray today was blessed and full of love.

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