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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nine Years and Winter in Spring

Lets start with the odd but somewhat normal Utah oddness. Winter in Spring. This year while the rest of the country was hit with blizzards, snow and frigid temperatures Utah had the most mild winter I've ever seen!
Seriously it snowed 3 times in the whole of winter and nothing very severe or lasting, a very un-Utah winter.
Yesterday was far more normal, even though we all complained and talked of it all day long - it was nice to feel like Utah was once again acting like itself. Bizarre.
You see, we started out the day with very strong winds. Winds that increased as the day went on.
50-80 mph winds gusted through the northern valley for a good 8 hours.

This would have been perfectly fine - even with the damage to cars, garbage cans, trampolines and other various out door items and fences - but it was coupled with mild rain, which caused MUD RAIN.
Everything was caked in dried MUD. You see the wind was blowing so harshly that you could barely see for all the dust and dirt. Add a sprinkling of rain and all that dirt stuck and then immediately dried again do to - the wind.

It was during this time that the kids and I went to pick up my dog from the groomers. This meant taking wash clothes to wipe the mud off the windows, keeping them in the car so I could do it again in the parking lot of the groomers - normally this type of behavior would cause laughter and pointing, instead I got nods of appreciation and a thumbs up for my cleverness!
Once home our power continued to flicker but stayed faithful as the rain finally over powered the wind and started to wash the mud away.
This is a good thing as soon after the mud washed away, the snow started. SNOW. You know the white soft squishy stuff that we normally get during winter time but didn't this year? Yeah that stuff.
Lots and lots of that stuff...

Bottom car left - Dried Mud. Bottom car middle - snow (yesterday)

Today is my sons 9th birthday! He is 100% under the belief that Jack Frost likes him and arranged the snow especially for his birthday. I am not dumb enough to disabuse him of this, as at least he is happy with the snow and not complaining that it's STILL coming down!
So far I've cleaned 4 inches off my car and shoveled the sidewalk. I will go out again in an hour and do it all over again. (Finally I am using the shovel I bought for winter!)
I am fairly sure G'man will decide snow in April sucks when his present arrives today in the mail.
We bought him a new scooter - his other one broke after two years of near constant use and abuse.

The weekend should bring warm weather, thankfully since I am planning a BBQ bash to celebrate my sons birth. (Okay not to big, but still full of love)
Right now the snow doesn't show any sign of stopping, instead its coming down harder and stronger than ever!
Have a safe and fun day!

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Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

WOW!!! that is nuts ... hope the chickens are staying warm and dry. Happy Birthday to G'man!! :)

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